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Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot was the lead singer of Curiosity Killed The Cat, a band that had a number of Top 40 Singles in the UK together with a No.1 in the UK Album Chart, “Keep Your Distance”.
The band was noted for its stylist videos and the model good looks. As well as its jazzy and funky pop sound combined with Ben’s silky-smooth vocals.
Their debut album, “Keep Your Distance”, was released in 1987 and the band gained prominence when working with Pop Art leading legend, Andy Warhol on their video for their single “Misfit”. “Misfit” (reached No. 7 in UK Charts) was one of three Top 20 Singles from that album, the others being “Down To Earth” (No. 3 in UK Charts) and “Ordinary Day” (No. 11 in UK Charts).
Chart success continued with more Top Twenty Hits including “Name And Number” (UK No. 14) and “Hang On In There Baby” (UK No. 3).
The band’s 2nd Album, Getahead, was released in 1989, led by the single “Name and Number” (UK No. 14) and it’s “Hey How You Doin” would find itself in the Top Ten two years later as part of the De La Soul song “Ring Ring Ring (Ha ha Hey)”.
In 1992, the band returned to the UK Top 3 with a cover of Jonny Bristol’s “Hang on in There Baby”. After 1992, the band split up and only reformed for an appearance on the National Lottery midweek show on BBC1 in 2001.
Since then Ben has toured under the name “Curiosity Killed the Cat”, on a number of 1980s revivals.
But it was working live in the atmospheric concert halls and festivals that Ben cherished the most.

You can now hire Ben for any corporate or live event, with or without his backing band.
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