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Elevate the ambiance of your event to a level of sophistication and elegance by hiring classical music acts through Big Foot Events. From enchanting string quartets to pianists, harpists, and opera singers. Our lineup of classical acts means we can offer a timeless touch to any occasion, be it a wedding reception, corporate function, or formal event. The enchanting melodies of a string quartet will set the tone for a romantic ceremony, the delicate notes of a pianist will fill the air with refinement during cocktail hour, and the powerful vocals of an opera singer will captivate your guests. With impeccable talent, professionalism, and ability to tailor their sets to suit your event, rest assured our classical music acts will create an unforgettable experience. So, indulge in the splendour of classical music and let Big Foot Events orchestrate the perfect soundtrack for your special occasion. Big Foot Events are proud to work with leading brands across prestigious venues, blue-chip companies, leisure companies, PR & media agencies, retail, sports stadiums and national theme parks.

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