Drag Performer and Britain's Got Talent Contestant

La Voix

La Voix is a brilliantly talented drag queen, as seen dazzling on the stage of Britain's Got Talent!


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    La Voix is a brilliantly talented drag queen, as seen dazzling on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent!

    Underneath the glamorous persona of La Voix lies Chris Dennis, the genius behind the act. With a voice that effortlessly pulls of the likes of Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey, and Cher. Renowned for her vivacious stage presence and spine-tingling vocals, La Voix is a star-studded entertainer suitable for any occasion and event.

    For over a decade, La Voix has captivated audiences with her unique act. Her shows include live singing, musicians and comedy, paired with elegant gowns and stunning costumes.

    Having worked alongside Cilla Black, Brigitte Nielsen, Ruby Wax, and Sir Ian McKellen, La Voix knows what it takes to thrive in the fast-paced music and entertainment industry. La Voix has worked on several high-profile ITV programs,and has performed for royalty at New Years parties.

    She graced the eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent with her presence, having previously been part of the Kit Kat Dolls in an earlier season. She reached the semifinals and claimed sixth place.

    Since then, La Voix has formed her own show, bringing fresh energy to the world of drag entertainment! With a decade of experience in the drag circuit, her act is effortless and confident. She thrives in impersonations, with a talent for impersonating some of the most iconic singers and media personalities. They set her apart from her rivals on the contemporary club circuits, whose lip-syncing acts are inferior in comparison to her comedic talent.

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