90s Pop Star

Chesney Hawkes

Famous for is unforgettable song " The One And Only" Chesney Hawkes, 18 years of age he sprung to fame became a Popstar and also a Movie star.


  • BIOG

    In early ’91, Chesney Hawkes old not only won the lead role in the film “Buddy’s Song”, he also signed to sing the soundtrack, and then suddenly found himself one of the first teenagers in Pop history to bag a #1 with a debut release.

    “The One And Only” stayed at the top for a staggering five weeks. It was also featured over the titles of Michael J Fox movie “Doc Hollywood”.

    Numerous Top Chart albums and world tours later, Hawkes became the legend he is today that we all know and love.

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  • Set List

      • The One And Only - Chesney Hawkes
      • A Crazy World Like This - Chesney Hawkes
      • Friends and Lovers - Chesney Hawkes
      • Help Me To Help Myself - Chesney Hawkes
      • Every Little Tear - Chesney Hawkes
      • One Of Those Days - Chesney Hawkes
      • Secrets Of The Heart - Chesney Hawkes
      • Lost In You - Chesney Hawkes
      • Missing You Already - Chesney Hawkes
      • One World - Chesney Hawkes
      • The Family Way - Chesney Hawkes

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