Help and Information

What is the booking process?
Once you have decided which option you want to book for your event, these are the next steps for arranging your entertainment:

  • Contact the Entertainment Consultant or Events Manager you have been dealing with and let them know your choice.
  • Your Entertainment Consultant or Events Manager will ask for the following information via a Booking Form, in order to create a contract; information required includes:
    • Contracting and Billing Information
    • Venue Name and Address
    • Artist / Service Provider Information and requirements
    • Event Schedule and Contact details
  • All bookings are subject to contract, and riders where applicable.
  • All fees are net of any local or withholding taxes, unless otherwise stated.
  • All fees are subject to VAT where an act or service provider is VAT registered, according to UK law.
  • Upon booking we will require a 25% deposit to secure the date, with the full balance due 14 days prior to the event, unless otherwise agreed on booking. N.B. Different artistes or services may require varying payment terms; you will be advised of this on booking, prior to contract and agree to adhere to these terms.
  • Once paperwork has been issued your booking is secure. You can update us with any further details, queries or instructions at any point, and if required we can arrange for you to speak directly with the act or service provider prior to your event.

Why should I book entertainment for my event through a dedicated agency rather than contacting the act or service provider directly?
It stands to reason that you want to create the best event possible, with the greatest acts most suited to your guests and the slickest, professional service providers in the UK, all at the keenest price; that is where we come in! Here are just a few reasons why you should book your entertainment and event through Big Foot Events:

Our Consultants are passionate about entertainment!

Our dedicated team of entertainment consultants, agents and event managers will advise you on a wide range of artistes and services, many that you will never have heard of, and best of all our expertise is free! We will recommend the perfect act or service for you, from a huge roster of professional artistes, talent and companies – all tried and tested with positive feedback, so you have no need to worry about the quality you are getting. We are experts at creating entertainment experiences that fit your vision and values, all within your budget!

Our Consultants have vision!

Planning a themed event or surprise element to your party takes thought and preparation, plus the wildest of imaginations! Our agents are one-step ahead of you, with their finger on the pulse! We know which act or supplier will go the extra mile to deliver what you need. We are in touch with the most creative of artists and unusual acts. If you want an act or experience that is truly unique, we will be able to deliver! No request is too big, too small, too abstract or too wild!

We know what works!

Tell us about your event, explain what you’re looking to achieve, let us know what you envisage and we will provide you with options that will make your event the success you are hoping for. Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we will know exactly the right act and options that will work. In addition, we keep abreast of current market trends so will always offer you appropriate entertainment for your event. We can narrow down the perfect solution for your event in a matter of minutes and save hours of your valuable time by just doing what we do best!

You deal with just one company, one point-of-contact, and all your event needs are covered.

Planning an event is stressful, especially when you’re dealing with many suppliers for all of your event elements. We take the pressure off by supplying everything you need under one roof. We have thousands of acts and suppliers at our fingertips and are capable of pulling together an incredible event at a moment’s notice if required.

We have great relationships with all our acts and management companies.

Many people worry about the cost of their event and without much knowledge of the entertainment industry, they can be taken advantage of. We know the usual rates for acts and have built up relationships with them, so are able to negotiate the best and most competitive prices for every event. This means you will pay LESS for your entertainment, not more.

Booking through us also provides security.

Consider what would happen if you entered into a contract with an act directly and on the actual day of the booking there was a complication such as an accident, sickness or the act simply didn’t turn up! What would you do? As well as our booking contracts, we do routine confirmations and checks prior to the event, speaking to both parties and staying in touch. We also provide an out-of-hours back-up service, so you have contact on the day to ensure your event goes ahead as planned.  

What if I need to cancel?
Depending on the event date and at what point you cancel, a cancellation fee may be payable. This is because the act or supplier has held the date for you and will have turned down other work and may not be able to re-sell the date at short notice. The cancellation fee is paid to the act to cover any loss of earnings. We will always negotiate the best deal for both parties in this situation and if the act is re-booked at the same fee or higher, no cancellation fee will be payable by the client.

What if the act or supplier cancels?
We have procedures in place to make your booking as secure as possible, with contracts, terms of business, out of hours back-up service, emergency contacts and several verbal confirmations to both the act and client to assure that all details are confirmed and the act is fully prepared. Should the unexpected happen on the event day, an agent will be on hand to deal with the problem and find a suitable replacement immediately so your event isn’t ruined!

Do I need to provide anything for the act?
Most acts bring everything the need with them to perform, such as their PA system, lighting etc. We ask that you provide them with a suitable performance area, a private room to get ready in and suitable electricity points. General hospitality will also be appreciated. If an act or supplier has any specific requirements, this will be discussed with you prior to booking and included within your contract.

Big Foot Events create amazing experiences and memories; our acts have attracted global media attention and our company’s reputation is second to none. We are successful because we care.   

Here at Big Foot Events, we bring the magic every time. From dinosaurs and dragons, to celebrities and live tribute acts. From venue transformations and prop hire, to snow globes and snow machines. There is no request too abstract, too crazy or too wild. We have something for everyone!