Former Lead Vocalist of The Drifters

Ray Lewis - Still Drifting

Still Drifting Featuring Ray Lewis, former Lead Vocalist of The Drifters, bring you all the nostalgic, timeless and popular hits!

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    Ray Lewis, former lead vocalist of The Drifters, brings back the hits with Still Drifting! 

    Ray Lewis is the former lead singer of The Drifters and is no stranger to the public. He was the lead singer of The Drifters in the 1970s and 80s and he knows just how to revive old hits. Providing fantastic vocals are also David Lee Andrews, Lejaune Andre Clements, and Fil Straughan.

    Their repertoire features many of their timeless hits, such as Under The Boardwalk, that are still popular with audiences of today. Still Drifting also perform music from artists such as Barry White, Luther Vandross, and The Temptations amongst many others!

    Ray enjoys worldwide fame thanks to his own unique voice and professional and charismatic aura.

    David s an accomplished vocalist in his own right! He wows audiences with his strong vocals as front man for The Four Tops Show.

    Lejaune used to perform with the legendary Temptations and, as such, he is an experienced and exceptionally talented individual. Lejaune’s personality shines as much as his voice soothes.

    Fil possesses an incredible range which has benefited him as an immense vocalist for many years. He manages to exude charm whilst drawing you in with the sheer power of his voice.

    Put these three highly gifted singers together and they form a tremendous and unbeatable sound!

    With all these professional and amazing voices combined – old times will be resurrected and new experiences enjoyed! Still Drifting Featuring Ray Lewis has become a firm favourite to all who see them!

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