The Osmonds Lead Singer and Oustanding Solo Performer

Merrill Osmond

An established musician, Merrill Osmond was the lead singer for The Osmonds and is a solo artist in his own right.

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    Merrill Osmond was the lead singer of the hugely successful band ‘The Osmonds’. 

    Hire Merrill Osmond: still producing, touring, and performing new music solo and with his brothers.

    The band sold over 80 million records over a 50-year musical career. With his brothers, Merrill has sung lead on 27 gold records. He has produced and written the music and lyrics for five number one hit records with brothers Alan and Wayne.

    The Osmonds have produced 47 platinum and gold records and no other recording artists have earned as many gold records in one year as the Osmond family. It’s Merrill’s incredible voice you can hear on such hits as ‘One Bad Apple’, ‘Let Me In’, ‘Love Me For A Reason’ and ‘Crazy Horses’.


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