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Whigfield is instantly recognisable for the mega 90s number 1 UK hit "Saturday Night" and available to hire for 90s Events everywhere!

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    Da, ba, da, dan, dee, dee, dee, da, nee, na, na, na… be my baby…

    If we were to start humming this tune for you, you’d recognise it instantly! Whigfield’s mega-hit “Saturday Night” was a smash hit in 1994. In fact, she’s in the Guinness Book of Records for the first artist to go straight to No. 1 in the UK singles chart.

    Her tune is internationally famous, people all over the world have been dancing and singing along to it for years. It’s safe to say it was a phenomenon and very difficult to forget.

    Her career didn’t stop after that success though, she carried on. She has had many hits throughout the 90s right up to the 00s and released her newest single last year “Boys on Girls”.

    In between times Sannie Carlson, that’s Whigfield to you and me, has been helping other musicians and DJs develop their talents and careers. But she’s decided it’s time to get herself back in the limelight, and the Big Foot Events team are delighted!

    Whigfield has always been a firm favourite of ours, and now she’s made her return we couldn’t be happier. Her music is guaranteed to get people up on the dance floor, she looks fantastic, and her vocals crystal clear. She’s the perfect booking for many events.

    Whigfield has a huge following for her current music and her back catalogue – she’s in demand for festivals, night clubs and holiday resorts. Her infamous tune ‘Saturday Night’ is immediately associated with the 90s making her the perfect booking for 90’s themed events and 90s themed weekends.

    Sannie/Whigfield looks almost the same as she did when she first entered the charts all those years ago – lucky girl! She’ll certainly add glamour and star quality to any event. Her new show is in the final stages of production and is now available for hire throughout the UK and Europe.

    Whatever your occasion, Whigfield will get her audience on the dance floor faster than you can say: Da, ba, da, dan, dee, dee, dee, da, nee, na, na, na be my baby.

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