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St Cecilia

Take a trip back to the 1970’s and relive the legendary St Cecilia, with their amazing performances!

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    Take a trip back to the 1970s and relive the legendary St Cecilia, with their amazing performances!

    St. Cecilia are a band featuring Nigel ‘Woody Woods’, formerly a member of Racey, who scored #1 hit with ‘Some Girls Will’. Nigel has been with the Saints since 1973 and provides Drums, Bass/Saxophone, and lead/harmony vocals. Alongside Nigel is Eamonn Carr (lead Guitar/Keys/Lead vocals), a songwriter penning more than over 250 songs.

    Eamonn is a former member of Freddie + The Dreamers. He has performed at prestigious venues such as the London Palladium and Madison Square Gardens.

    Joining the Saints, from The David Essex Band, is Guy Walmington:an outstanding musician on bass and lead guitar.

    St. Cecilia gained notoriety in the 1970s with their hit ‘Leap Up and Down’. It also achieved the #1 slot in 14 different countries during the 80ss and 90s upon re release. The song was banned by the BBC, although many DJS of the time played it. In 1985, the BBC invited the band to perform on Noel Edmonds Show – but much of the song was edited. The band reformed in 1973 with original member line up of Ricky, Moss, Eamonn, and Woody.

    The band has maintained its recording status with albums every year: in 2021, the release of St Cecilia Golden Album, and acclaimed single ‘No Talkin Woman’ released June 11 2021.

    St.Cecilia work all over Europe + UK in venues ranging from TV – Theatres – Touring Holiday Parks – Summer Seasons – Pantomime – Golf functions – Masonic – Private + Corporate Clubs – Conservative Clubs

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