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Mr. T is bringing back the great British tea break with his Tea Trolley and he 
would love to start with your office or event. The A-team Tea Trolley has fully 
working lights, plays music, and can hold up to 150 kilos. It really is a unique tea 

Event Ideas 

Office Parties • Corporate Events • Trade Shows • Festivals • Night Clubs • 
Weddings • Bar & Bat Mitzvah • PR Events • Amusement Parks • Birthday 
Parties • Store Openings • Meet & Greet • Tea Parties • and much much more...... 

All about the Ateam Tea Trolley 

• Custom made industrial plastic Tea Trolley 
• Two 5 litre airport pump flasks 
• One 2 litre insulated Milk Jug 
• Two 2 litre plastic jugs for juice / water 
• 2 Levels, the bottom level is concealed and large enough for a small person to 
hide in 
• Able to hold 150 kilos (Have pushed people on stage riding it) 
• Custom vinyl sides and 3mm impact resistant nose 
• Full working headlights & Roof lights 
• Fully working sound system with A-team theme tune on repeat! 
• What comes on the Trolley is fully up to the client. If you want Breakfast 
Muffins, Lunchtime Sandwiches, or Even Desert served at the end of a dinner 
party…. Whatever you can think of can be delivered on this trolley. 

For conventions and public events, instead of renting a full coffee bar with 
barista, Have Mr. T get peoples attention with a selection of Tea & Biscuits. Your 
stand will be the busiest at any convention. 

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