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Under the Sea Roaming Globe

The Under the Sea Roaming Globe is a mermaid act like no other!


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    The Under the Sea Roaming Globe is a one of a kind creation!

    This is a mermaid act like no other! It is a visually beautiful, exquisitely detailed, nautically themed walkabout act.

    The Under the Sea Roaming Globe transports the spectator to a place of imagination and wonder whatever their age, gliding through events and making a big impact.

    Beauty and enchantment surround Anahita the mermaid as she glides gracefully through crowds, sheltered safely in her giant magical globe. Released from the sea only long enough to bring smiles to the faces lucky enough to look upon hers. This mystical mermaid mesmerises young and old alike with her undersea performance, complete with dancing seaweed and other creatures of the beautiful deep.

    She flaps her tail and encourages her audience to engage with her, a touch of her hand through her roaming globe, to push the big red button, releasing a huge spectacle of bubbles and making the seaweed sway around her. Children delight in playing in her bubbles, catching these mermaid kisses, imaginations running wild and free “is she real mummy?”.

    The public are encouraged by the mermaid to press the big button on the outside of her Sea Sphere which triggers a huge bubble effect into the audience. It is both an attraction and a big spectacle, due to its completely unique nature. It stands at 2.25m high making it visible even in dense crowds. It becomes brightly illuminated for dusk and evening performances.

    This really brings the magical element alive and looks really special, drawing big crowds around it. Our mermaid is all weathers, the Under the Sea Roaming Globe is waterproof and will still perform in the rain.

    This beautiful roaming act is available in a selection of eye-catching themes. These include our Living Snow Globe, Enchanted Flower Roaming Globe, and Mystic Mirror Roaming Globe!

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