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Street Theatre

Street theatre and entertainers are hilarious interactive entertainers who specialise in weird and wonderful fun.

  • BIOG

    Street theatre is a wonderful way to attract attention and entertain unsuspecting people. From rock & roll grannies to over enthusiastic traffic wardens, we have the perfect act for your event.


    Musical Ruth

    Probably the best musical nun act in the World!

    Musical Ruth and the amazing magical mobile piano! A mix and mingle comedy act. An extravagantly decorated baby grand piano built onto an electrically powered vehicle. This is driven around by Sister Ruth, a madcap nun who can stop and entertain any group of people using comedy patter, hilarious dance moves, facial contortions, sound effects, and unusual renditions of all your favourite songs.


    “Best In…” Spoof Awards

    Two or Three ‘human show’ judges have been sent from outer space to judge your crowd and find the best in each show category. Qualify for an award and you will go home with a Polaroid picture of you and a judge, complete with a statement telling you which award you have won. Previous awards have included: Best Leggy Blonde, Most Original Mover, Most Unusual Dresser, and Most Outrageous Eye Makeup.

    There are no requirements for this act, other than a sense of humour and variety of humans for them to play with! Polaroid giveaways can be branded with your company logo or the date of the event.


    Lenny Stobart – Caricaturist

    Lenny comes with a pencil, a wicked tongue, and an Artistic License.

    Be prepared to be mocked, because Lenny will draw you warts and all – even if you don’t have warts.
    ‘Lenny Stobart’ is a street theatre performance, which not only involves drawing people, but also provides amusement to everyone watching. As ‘Lenny’ draws his subject he also says what he thinks about the way they look, ‘mocking’ them out loud. No one is left in any doubt as to how ugly they are – and they get to keep the drawing to prove it.
    He can also provide a 12ft x 12ft Gazebo, so he can carry on even if it rains.


    The Tourists

    Terry and Derek are good old salt-of-the-Earth, loveable East End cockney geezers.

    Truth is they don’t get out of London much. In fact this is their first time!Having won a competition in “The Sun” newspaper to attend your event, in your town, they are completely beside themselves with happiness. Enjoy the delights of watching Tel and Del as they Marvel at all the new and exciting things they find on their first trip away.
    Forever on the lookout for a good photo to take home and show the family! Always after a bit of sunshine to top up the ever reddening tan and constantly on the lookout for some decent chips with a nice bit of gravy and mushy peas!

    The Singing Fireman

    The Singing Fireman features Fireman Stan in his tiny electric fire engine and his gloriously shiny helmet. Listen as he belts out a medley of wicked pop tunes from the charts, accompanied only with his trusty toy saxophone and maracas. This is one of our most popular street theatre shows and has been enjoyed by thousands of children, women of a certain age, and uniform enthusiasts. Yow it’s hot, hot, hot!


    Bad Tempered Fairies

    Meet the team of bad tempered fairies who are just dying to grant you a wish…albeit through gritted teeth! They will amuse and beguile you with their cantankerous witticisms, but get on their good side and you might find yourself leaving with a much coveted wish voucher…place under your pillow and hope for the best!
    There are no special requirements for this act, and the mood can be adapted to suit the audience (milder for children, sharp and acerbic for adults). The wish vouchers can be branded with your company logo or the date of the event.


    News Desk / Sports Desk

    Keeping you up to date with all the news or sports news as it happens is this hilarious team of pundits with NewsDesk or SportsDesk Live!  Featuring non-stop commentary and analysis of all the latest developments.
    With their desk on wheels with its own built in PA, the two “presenters” wheel into places and then proceed to commentate about whatever is going on around them, but treating it as if it’s an unfolding news story or Olympic sport.
    Includes all the latest headlines (plastic bag blown in wind. Man Queues for Ice Cream) and up to date sports reports (mum’s pushchair race abandoned due to sopping, as well as weather and traffic updates (man rides bike past tree).


    Granny Turismo

    The show has universal appeal and is part walkabout, part circle show and wholly engaging. When Doris, Mary and Marge arrive on their souped-up shopping trolleys, everyone takes notice.

    Granny Turismo is a viral sensation, with videos reaching 15 Million plus views!



    A love story limbering up in lycra. Jeff loves his aerobics, Bonnie loves Jeff. How can she win him over during this hilarious fitness class?
    With audience participation and an unforgivably cheesy soundtrack, The Legwarmerz! are on a mission to bring Free Fun Fitness to a town near you!
    “The Legwarmerz spread their keep-fit fun all over our event and kept the audience limbered up, with participants sporting fluoro headbands. This is street theatre that is appealing for all ages. The Legz are very visual in their tight lycra, and encourage fitness with their 80’s power ballads – feel the burn!”

  • Angels


    The Angels Jeff, Dave, and Wayne are on a mission to spread Peace, Love, Joy, and Laughter wherever they go.

    With their golden curls, neon halos, and very silly trumpets, they have been delighting audiences since 2004. Their graceful gliding movement, beautiful illuminated costumes, and absurd humour are unforgettable. As one 90-year-old from Guildford Cathedral remarked: ‘If that’s what angels are like, I can’t wait to get to heaven!’


    The Wardens

    The Wardens will ‘warden’ just about anything! The Wardens are completely dedicated to their jobs and with the jurisdiction to issue tickets (which can be tailored and printed specifically for your event) for just about any ridiculous rule or law that they see fit to invent. These may include: Walking without due care and attention, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area, possession of an offensive child, whistling an infectious song or just walking whilst using a mobile.
    Anything with wheels can fall foul of bad parking (using their portable roll out double yellow lines), balding tires, or simply be pulled over for a random safety check or speeding (yes they have a speed camera too)! Watch out or you may find that you end up with a ticket!
    The Wardens are loud, bold and colourful and will gather crowds as they administrate their ridiculous rules and regulations.


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