Hilarious Halloween Musical Street Theatre Walkabout

Graveyard Review

Hilarious Halloween musical walkabout entertainment with Igor and Frankie, two undead Graveyard Rock Stars who will bring laughter and the greatest hits from the last 260 years! Street Theatre entertainment at its best!


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    Igor’s Graveyard Review

    Live! Sold Out! And Undead!

    Introducing the hottest act to rock the afterlife!

    Rise from your grave and get your dancing shoes on as Igor and his creation, Frankie, bring the party to you!

    Featuring the greatest hits from history, performed in their own special way, Igor and Frankie have been amazing audiences for 260 years!

    Hilarious musical walkabout entertainment. These two Graveyard Rock Stars will serenade you and make you laugh as they creak through their extensive repertoire.

    This is Street Theatre walkabout at its best, especially suited to Halloween and family-themed events.

    Featuring two exceptional walkabout performers, this musical act brings the undead to life in 3 x 40 minute sets, creating a show wherever they go! Whether they’re greeting guests, entertaining shoppers, or simply spreading laughter, hire this Halloween walkabout act and you’re guaranteed to make a splash on social media, amplifying the excitement of your event!

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