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Our live action stunt teams provide breath-taking and exciting shows and displays, featuring a wide range of skills from martial arts and hand to and combat to sword fighting, gun play and even jousting. Hire Stunt men and Stunt women for Themed Stunt Shows throughout the UK and Europe.


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    Our live action stunt team provides breath-taking and exciting shows and displays, featuring a wide range of skills from martial arts and hand to and combat to sword fighting, gun play and even jousting. Hire Stunt men and Stunt women for Themed Shows throughout the UK and Europe.


    Bond Show
    Featuring armed guards providing mix and mingle and interaction with guests from the start of the evening. At your desired point in the evening, the stunt show will begin, displaying exciting combat scenes, building up to a finale between James Bond and the leader of the enemies, of course, saving the day!

    Gladiator Theme
    Featuring the UK’s premier sword performers, this fast action and brutal display combines skill and training with the legendary scenes of ancient Rome.

    Star Wars Theme
    An epic battle between the Jedi Knights and the Lords of the Sith takes your guests on a journey across time & space.

    Superhero Theme
    Bringing together the ultimate comic heroes and villains for the ultimate showdown. With a choice of characters available, this is a brilliant display of combat and acrobatics.

    Medieval Knights Theme
    After providing meet & greet and protection for your guests, a nail-biting duel breaks out between two knights, culminating in a realistic display of medieval drama.

    Special Forces Theme
    A spectacular and highly visual display combining a mixture of arms & unarmed combat, military vehicles, free running, abseiling and movie style special effects. This all guns blazing show will literally crash through the windows and deliver a vivid and exiting show for your guests.

    Pirates Theme
    The ever popular piratical characters amaze any audience with a cut-throat, swashbuckling action display.

    Prohibition Theme
    Ideal for a 1920’s or Great Gatsby Themed event, out performers provide a thrilling recreation of an American probation raid featuring stunt performers, actors and plenty of audience participation.

    Samurai Theme
    Silent assassins with their legendary lighting fast moves and precise techniques allow your guests to see and exciting and authentic Ninja style battle. Also available to perform Kendo battles, with traditional armour, weaponry and techniques.

    World War II Theme
    This fantastic show combines choreographed stunt fighting along with the thrilling action of abseiling and gun firing. With a high element of humour from the German officer who provides audience participation and a bit of light hearted teasing!

    Wild West Theme
    A guns blazing, lasso whipping showdown between the Sheriff and a gang of outlaws in this Western themed stunt show.

    Our Stunt Teams have performed throughout the UK in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Devon, Norfolk, Derbyshire, Scotland, Wales and all over Europe and Worldwide, including France, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Dubai, China.

    ” The Samurai Stunt Show performance will be remembered by everyone for a long time. What surprised me was the sheer variety of skill on show: simulated fights, sword-fight and acrobatics were expected (and very impressive indeed!) but what was less were elements of theatre, ‘slow motion’ effects and injection of humour, all leading up to the heart-pumping finale that got all of us sitting at the edges of our seats until the end! It was clear that the group spent a lot of time and effort into trying all of these different elements together into a varied but cohesive show that had something in it for everyone, keeping the audience engaged from the first second the music came on until the end. Big Foot Events have been great to work with, Vicky in particular was very helpful and always responsive, and I wanted to thank you for sourcing such great acts for us. We shall be using your services again in the future”
    Tom Stanasiuk – Birmingham University

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