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The Dodo Rider

Our amazing giant Dodo is available with a range of riders!


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    Our amazing giant Dodo is available with a range of riders!

    Victorian Lady, Lillian May Stanhope:
    Legendary equestrian rider Lillian May Stanhope, fresh from a Royal Command performance at Sandringham for Queen Victoria herself, wows with Raphus Cucullatous, the last known living specimen of the Dodo bird.

    This dainty rider dazzles audiences around the globe, showing off her physical strength by bounding along on the back of a galloping Dodo, sometimes while blindfolded, and always full of nerve!

    The Pirate:
    This fabulous 18th century pirate will disarm you with their charm – how else do you think they captured the Dodo and tamed it?! This unlikely duo have been sailing the seas together for years now, but is this plundering team after your treasure… or your ice cream?!

    Queen of Hearts:
    Off with their heads! The Queen of Hearts is in a foul mood and will take it out on anyone who crosses her path! But she can be nice, you’d just better do as she says! Her trusty steed the Dodo bird however is just plain cuddly, and will stop for a chat and a scratch from anyone she waddles upon!

    Alice in Wonderland:
    Curiouser and curiouser! Alice seems to have returned to Wonderland and has found herself an unlikely steed- a Dodo bird! Meet Alice and the Dodo bird as they waddle along- the Dodo just loves a scratch on the head!

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