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Russ Brown

As a children's performer, Russ Brown's unique style involves lots of audience participation, loud music, and crazy gags!


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    As a children’s performer, Russ Brown’s unique style involves lots of audience participation, loud music, and crazy gags!

    Russ’ interest in magic began as a child when he recieved a magic set as a gift. His family were forced to ‘pick a card’, ‘watch closely’, and ‘say the magic word’ many, many times. As he got older and started to win awards for magic, they realised that this wasn’t just a passing phase.

    Russ Brown was the resident children’s entertainer at the world-famous Blackpool Tower for over ten years before leaving to take up residency at his own venue at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. He is also beginning his eleventh year as the children’s entertainer at Pontin’s Blackpool.

    His latest venture is into the world of puppet shows. He has created two shows: ‘The Haunted House Spooktacular’ and ‘A Space Idiocy’.

    Magic Shows by Russ Brown

    Through a dynamic and unique approach to entertaining children, Russ has established himself as a firm favourite. The act is a combination of traditional skills – but with a unique approach! Using the latest sounds to get the show started, Russ keeps children of all ages entertained for hours! His shows combine magic, balloon modelling, juggling, plate spinning, UV shows, and interactive audience participation.

    U.V. Shows by Russ Brown

    Russ Brown has deleveloped two black-light U.V. shows! Children love the bright, colourful characters and music – and adults love the humour and topical references!

    The Haunted House Spooktacular

    A trip into a world of ghosts, monsters, creepy crawlies, mummies, and… fruit? Featuring the music of Queen and Danny Elfman, this is show is not too scary for most children – but adults have been known to die laughing!

    A Space Idiocy

    Journey with us onboard the spaceship ‘Cat Cat’ as we fly through the cosmos. Rock music is comvined with Doctor Who and Star Wars to make this trip a giant leap for mankind!

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