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PE Teachers

These Meet & Greet PE Teachers are superb for Sporting Events, School themed Events, and Sports Days!


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    These Meet & Greet PE Teachers are superb for Sporting Events, School themed Events, and Sports Days!

    80’s PE teachers, Mr Stretch and Mr Armstrong, are always firm but fair. They are on a mission to get the nation fit using only their enthusiasm, a roving musical pommel horse, and some PE kits rescued from the lost and found locker. Remember it’s not about the taking part, it’s the winning that counts!

    Cycling PE Teachers

    Mr Stretch and Mr Armstrong have put on their cycling clips, packed the chafing cream and have hopped aboard their trusty tandem.

    Coming to a cycling event near you, our boys have had the great pleasure of showing their Strava stats off at the Tour of Britain, community bike rides all over the UK and the Tour de France (when it came to Yorkshire).

    The Referees

    Bringing order to a sporting event near you. Football, Rugby, even Snooker , one thing they all have in common is that they need a good referee to keep everyone in line. They can even offer some pre-match commentary!

    ​The Rugby Players

    Our 1980s inspired rugby players are happy to perform for both forms of the game: League and Union. They have entertained fans at the Rugby Union World Cup, the Six Nations, the Big Weekend and the Challenge Cup final. They can perform with or without the musical pommel horse, playing top sports anthems to get the crowds going.

    Get ready to stand by for a “Leg-bye,” shout more for “four” as two of England’s finest umpires lay down the cricketing law on the wicket / streets of Britain. Howzat!

    The Umpire Strikes Back

    The Umpires provide a humorous / visual photo opportunity for the spectators. We get members of the crowd dressed up in cricket gear and talk about our favourite cricket teas, juggle cricket balls and generally have good cricket banter with the crowd. It is all about creating a fun atmosphere, tapping into the crowd’s cricketing psyche!

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