What The Tortoise Taught Us

Zelva the Giant Tortoise

Life lessons from the wisest creature on the planet!

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    Life lessons from the wisest creature on the planet!

    Meet Zelva, the beautiful giant Tortoise. Walk side by side with the World’s oldest and most awesome reptile, help to feed her, stroke her enormous shell and be inspired by a close up encounter with nature at its most incredible! Learn to how to slow down, take life easy …and never forget to stop and eat the roses! Zelva can be shy though… will she come out of her shell? Lettuce hope so!

    Zelva is the world’s only walking animatronic character of this type, and an encounter with her is a singular experience not to be missed. Make no mistake, this isn’t a person in a suit, but rather a high-tech robot. As such, she doesn’t get tired, isn’t limited by how far she can walk and doesn’t have a sore back at the end of the day. Zelva represents a totally (turtley) unique approach to animatronics and is a big leap forward in the art form of live puppetry. This show takes the technical skill and artistry of animatronic technology, but removes it from its usual static, repetitive display setting and transports it to a free roaming, live, interactive experience.

    Zelva is accompanied by Sheldon Aristotle Chandler, the tortoise handler, who shows guests how to feed Zelva, engages them with interesting tortoise facts and provides the witty improv interactions!

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