Hire a walking Triceratops Dinosaur for Jurassic Events

Tank The Triceratops

Meet Tank, the animatronic Triceratops and the largest walking Dinosaur in Europe! Hire a realistic walking triceratops dinosaur for your Jurassic Event, and attract Dinosaur fans everywhere! Our giant herbivore is so realistic the audience will try and feed him as he approaches!



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    Have you met Tank The Triceratops yet? He is the latest Herbivore and most realistic animatronic Dinosaur in Europe!

    Tank is a huge attraction for Dinosaur fans everywhere. This impressive giant of a beast is 5.5 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and 2.3 metres tall!

    Hire Tank the Triceratops and he will WOW any audience when he stomps on to the scene, the stunning frill around his horned face is head-turning!

    Expect Ooh’s and Ahhhh’s…. Expect disbelief…. And of course expect smiles and laughter!

    This huge herbivore is accompanied by one of our very entertaining and interactive Dinosaur Rangers, who love performing almost as much as our dinosaurs do! In fact, we never know who is more excited, the audience waiting to meet Tank the Triceratops or our Rangers who are introducing him!

    Our massive walking dinosaur is jaw-dropping to see in motion; the sheer size of this Triceratops Dinosaur is impressive in itself and he is so realistic the audience will try and feed him leaves as he approaches!

    Tank is a gentle creature, despite his enormous size, and we don’t believe he’d hurt a fly…. unless he trampled on it with his huge feet of course!

    You can hire Tank The Triceratops alongside our T Rex, Raptor, Spinosaurus, Talking Dinosaur, Jurassic Props and Dinosaur Eggs! Not forgetting our Dinosaur babies; Tank is always extremely proud to show off his baby Triceratops!

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