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Roaming Snow Globe

The living, roaming Snow Globe and Ice Queen is an act that won’t be forgotten!



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    The Living Snow Globe is the ultimate wow factor act for any winter themed event.

    A beautifully detailed winter wonderland scene is contained inside a twinkling, illuminated snow globe. Sitting inside it, a mystical Snow Queen, interacting with her audience, bringing the magical scene to life. All this, sat on a traditional snow globe base glides through events creating enchantment, stopping people in their tracks. This winter themed act is truly unique.

    Ethereal and magical, the Snow Queen in her snow globe enchants and mesmerizes as she mingles with guests of all ages. Gliding gracefully through events, she creates her special brand of magic and with it, lasting memories. She encourages all those who gaze upon her to interact with her, be it a glance and a smile, a simple wave or an intimate touch of her ivory hand through her beautiful globe. A simple press of the big, beckoning red button by any curious spectator, fills her world with a spectacular blizzard of snow.

    Beautiful music fills her space, lights illuminate her and snow rains down on the mystical Snow Queen, while she smiles and reaches into the hearts of onlookers, leaving an indelible mark on those who get lost in her vision. All normal activities halt around her and oohs and ahhs resound through the spaces she courses through.

    The Living Snow Globe act creates a memorable spectacle at events entertaining the public. The whole structure glides gently around the event space. The public trigger the snow blizzard effect by pressing the big red button.

    This fun interactive effect is incredibly popular with both children and adults. Tranquil music plays from the snow globe and the Snow Queen creates a host of winter sound effects such as howling wind, twinkling chimes and crunching snow with a sweep of her hand inside the snow globe thanks to its custom made technologies.

    Performances can be either outdoors, or indoors depending on the available venue space. You can read more about this on our Logistics page and download the exact technical specifications.

    The Snow Queen engages with the audience providing a magical experience and talking point. Being visually beautiful and unique, the snow globe act is very popular for photographs with the public and frequently appears on social media after events.

    Whether you’re looking for something special as Christmas light switch on entertainment or a wow factor to greet your guests at your Christmas party or winter wonderland themed event, The Living Snow Globe is an act your guests won’t forget!

    This beautiful roaming act is available in a selection of eye-catching themes. These include our Under the Sea Roaming Globe, Enchanted Flower Roaming Globe, and Mystic Mirror Roaming Globe!

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