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I Saw A Dinosaur

I Saw A Dinosaur is an interactive Dinosaur Show with adorable Baby Dinosaurs, high-energy Ranger Training, Richie the Raptor, and a T-Rex break out!


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    I Saw A Dinosaur is an interactive Dinosaur Show!

    Learn how it all began with a fateful expedition deep in the Jungles of South America, when a brave explorer discovered the very first Dinosaur egg. As the shell cracks and cries ring out, the audience are greeted with Rangers holding cute baby Dinosaurs fresh from the Jurassic nursery.

    In this thrilling show, you will learn how to train and control a dinosaur with wild man, Ranger Danger who leads a high-energy, fun, interactive training session to prepare you to meet your first Dinosaur. Every Ranger gets to take their final exam and qualify with prize qualification stickers given to each new Ranger.

    Rangers get to meet, greet, control, play games, and have pictures with one of the most iconic dinosaurs – Richie the Raptor – whose favourite game is hide and seek!

    You’ve made it this far and you haven’t been eaten. As the sound of a cage breaking open rings out, our T-Rex makes a sudden appearance. With a short, choreographed action sequence to get the cameras flashing. This finale features breathtaking Ranger stunts as we attempt to brush the biggest teeth of Jurassic Earth. And finishes with further meet and greets where audience members can take photos.

    The Prehistoric Line-up includes a show Host, two Dinosaur Rangers, three adorable Baby Dinosaurs, Richie the Raptor, a huge T Rex, and a Dinosaur Egg for photo opportunities!

    The show format is a 1 hour show, plus group photos / meet & greet break out.

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