Hire A Dragon for Magical Themed Events

Dreygo The Dragon

Dreygo, the horned Dragon brings mythical magic to themed events and parties, with his incredible 15ft wing-span and smoke-breathing nostrils! Hire a Dragon as unique walkabout entertainment that will create fun and drama at family fun-days and festivals!



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    Hire Dreygo The Dragon!

    This magnificent beast will bring mythical magic to your next event! Dreygo The Dragon has stepped outside folklore to bring you larger-than-life, interactive, walkabout entertainment who will delight children and adults of all ages. Our Dragon is accompanied by a Merlin-style Wizard or Medieval ‘Game of Thrones’ Character, who will add fun and drama to Dreygo’s appearance!

    Dreygo flaps his incredible wings, breathes smoke from his nostrils, waggles his tongue, rears up and roars for his adoring audience. He has an incredible wing-span of 15ft, and when his wings flap they reach 12ft in the air!

    With his huge bat-style wings, smoke breathing, scaly skin, horned face and head and barbed tail, this huge animatronic Dragon will result in high-impact, interactive entertainment that works brilliantly for family fun days, festivals and themed events, including:

    • Game of Thrones Themed Event
    • Harry Potter Themed Event
    • Merlin & Magic Themed Event
    • Dragon & Fairy Themed Event
    • Dungeons & Dragons Themed Event
    • Medieval Folklore Events

    This exciting, animated Dragon experience is a unique attraction that guarantees Social Media interaction!

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