The Human Hedges Have Blossomed!

Flower People

A blooming brilliant follow-up to the delightful Human Hedges. Don't hire a florist, hire the Flower People to enchant your guests!


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    From the people who brought the Human Hedges, comes the beautiful and most animated bunch of flowers you have ever seen!

    Presenting the Flower People!

    These gorgeous Rhododendron bushes are available with the finest of flowers! These enchanting characters look and smell the part.

    Have any types of flowers in any colour scheme, arranged by a team of botanists.

    The Flower People are a cute, colourful, and lovely smelling act. Great for Garden Parties, Flower Shows, nature themed events, colour themed events, weddings, enchanted forest events or any event that could use a exciting, decorative add-on.

    Why walk around the rose garden when the rose garden can walk around YOU!

    β€œAn absolute hit!” – Home House Members Party, London 2017

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