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Flashmobs are an interactive dance act, often used as a marketing tool; they add an exciting surprise element to any event! These amazing performances can be created with as few as 6 dancers, or as many as 100, in any style of dance.



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    Flash Mob performances are amazing, productive, and can be created with as little as 6 dancers, or as many as 100, in any style of dance.

    All our Flash Mob dancers are professionally trained and experienced in producing some amazing Flashmob performances! The dancers can mingle around your event as if they were any other guest, or appear out of nowhere as the music starts. They will then perform a choreographed routine to the surprise of all of your guests.

    Our flashmob performances are specifically choreographed and costumed for your event, making sure that the music, routine and costumes fit in with your theme and brand. We can make any performance unique and bespoke to you.

    The perfect act for a surprise entertainment element, to draw people in and attract social media attention!

    Flash Mobs can be any theme i.e. Rock, Street Dance, Samba, Tap, Musical Theatre to name. We can also create Flashmobs that can be performed anywhere to suit any event or occasion.

    Previous events have included:

    • Grease / Hand Jive
    • Michael Jackson Thriller
    • Psy Gangnam Style Flashmob
    • YMCA Village People reunion
    • Musical Theatre
    • British Invasion
    • Superhero Flash Mob

    …. The sky really is the limit!

    Flash Mob performances usually last between 5-15 minutes, but can be longer to add audience participation.

    We can even incorporate Song & Dance Flash Mobs for bespoke events if required.

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