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Bollie Dollies

Providing glamour, sophistication and stunning costumes our Bollie Dollies are the finest interactive Walkabout acts in the UK!


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    Beautiful Living Dolls, Bollie Dollies provide a spectacular visual aspect to any event.

    Supplying Walkabout hosts, living dolls, living statues Aerial Artists, Dancers, Stilt Walkers, Trapeze Acts, Living Tables and many more. Every event is made magical with our beautifully crafted pieces and immensely talented professionals devoted to making your event unforgettable.

    Experienced in working with renowned and diverse brands such as Haagen-Dazs, Cirque de Solei, Samsung and Swarovski. Choose to create bespoke pieces that will immerse clients in your brands unique flavour and style. Or why not pick from our various perfectly polished ensembles specialised in becoming your brand ambassadors, attracting attention to you and your company.

    The Bollie Dollie Collection 

    Burlesque Dollie
    A dazzling fusion of glamour and mystery our Burlesque Dollies have been showered in Swarovski crystals, draped over with ivory silk and completed with porcelain white feathers and twinkling pea lights! Creating an effortless Moulin Rouge allure, our Burlesque Dollies add the perfect sprinkle of sultry and shine to any event.

    Topiary Tart
    Charm your guests with spectacularly manicured shrubbery and fairy-tale forest surprises! Proudly prancing around in their pots, our living topiary is the perfect Meet & great act for anyone with green fingers!

    The Raven
    A creation for Cirque du Soleil’s launch in Harvey Nichols, this ravishing majestic raven adds an element of drama and mystery to any event that wants a pinch of dark spice.

    Is there anything better than fabulous edible couture? We don’t think so! Add a piece of captivating interactive eye candy to your event with our knickerbolliglory! Tease and tempt your guests with delicious candy treats whilst our gorgeous girls promote your business.

    Persian Peacocks
    The embodiment of elegance and grace our extravagant Peacocks tower over guests. Draped in majestic glittering feathers and royal blue cascading silk waves they command attention. An enchanting symbol of immortality our equisetic peacocks are guaranteed to bring a magical sparkle to any event.

    Flamboyant Flamingos
    These sparkling fuchsia stilt walking flamingos are created from the finest materials. We use delicious hand dyed plumes to create a rich vibrant pink and Swarovski crystals to insure a stunning attention grabbing glisten!

    Twilight Flutterby
    Originally commissioned by Swarovski for their flagship store window display in London. Our Twilight Flutterby’s are encrusted in thousands of Swarovski crystals and surrounded by a tornado of vibrant fluttering butterflies.

    Cupcake Delight
    Embodying the quaint English tea party and merging it together with a colourful vintage sweet shop we created a firm industry favourite. With beautiful crisp ivory complimented by sherbet yellow and pink accents our scrumptious stylings will definitely give you eyes bigger than your belly!

    Chandelier Starlets
    Big, bold and bedazzling our Chandelier Starlets attract attention wherever they go. With towering headdresses cascading in crystals and beautifully crafted silk garments encrusted with twinkling pea lights, our Chandelier Starlets cheekily sashay amongst guests flirtatiously interacting as they go.

    Ice Queen
    Reminiscent of the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia, our Ice Queen cast a magical spell over any event reforming it into a glistening winter wonderland. Preferred as a living statue frozen in time only braking her stillness to interact with the mere mortals she deems worthy.

    Candie Dollie
    Inspired by the magical world of Willy Wonka our Candie Dollie’s evoke those precious sickly sweet childhood memories. Surrounded by candy floss and sweet shop favourites our Candi Dollie looks just as scrumptious as the irresistible treats she offers.

    Sultry Snake
    Commissioned by Elton John for the launch of The Lion King musical. The Sultry Snake is a captivating and mesmerizing performer. Painted in a shimmering light reflective emerald skin makes our Sultry Snake the perfect complement to any extravagantly dressed event. Available as an interactive walk about or a stunningly beautiful trapeze act.

    Blooming Bollie
    Cheeky, flirtatious and romantic all bunched together and finished off with a beautiful red satin bow. Perfectly picked scarlet and fuchsia roses intricately placed to create a breath taking bouquet headdress our Blooming Bollie is perfect for an elegantly dressed event.

    Christmas Cringle
    Our Christmas Cringle Bollie truly embodies the most wonderful time of the year. Deck the halls and leave us to spread the seasons cheer. Trimmed in pine and golden sparkles our Christmas Cringle is finished with a clockwork winder and Christmas tree headdress. Santa was definitely good to Bollie Dollie this year!

    Sensational Statues
    A sophisticated glamorous addition to any event. Add a fabulously eye-catching alternative to the usual living statue. Beautifully sculpted in vibrant ensembles, transforming our living statues into majestic creatures that compel and intrigue guests whilst keeping them surprised with flirtatious antics.

    Jungle Wildlife
    Bring the jungle to life with our phenomenal Wildlife walkabouts. Let us provide the visual wow factor as well as the evening’s entertainment. Our Jungle Wildlife is available as intricate circus performers, gymnasts, dancers, aerial artists and many more stunning entertainers.

    Forest Fauns
    Inspired by the magical forests featured in well-loved fairy-tales our Forest Fauns are encrusted in sparkling purple crystals and dressed in flirtatious jewel tones. Dramatic and beautifully refined our Forest Fauns are majestic and mysterious adding an enchanting element to any elegant chic event.

    Spotty Dotty Paradise
    Our Spotty Dotty birds of Paradise are wonderfully loud attention grabbing walkabouts. Delightfully cheeky our Spotty Dotty birds will fly you to a tropical paradise, making them perfect for any company that likes to make a big impression.

    Licorice Dream
    Treat your sweet tooth and enter a world of pure imagination with our Licorice Dream. Serving your guests indulgent treats and marketing your brand our Licorice Dream is the perfect way to visually impress guests whilst tantalizing their taste buds.

    Ice Fauns
    Striking Ice Faun stilt walkers majestically tower over guests as they guard the entrance to your frozen kingdom. Glittering costumes of icy white and blue sparkle against the light making our mythological snow creatures the perfect interactive extra to your winter wonderland.

    Fluttering Fairies
    Bewitch and captivate your guests with our dazzling Fairies. With a sprinkle of glitter and a pinch of magic our wand twirling wonders have just the right amount of fairy dust to make your event enchanting.

    Beautifully crafted from exquisite raw Thai silk, Ostrich feathers and frosted crystals our Swans are the embodiment of grace and sophistication. Gliding through your guests with a soft beautiful elegance, our Swans present an enchanting regal feel to any occasion.

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