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Don't blink... Don't breathe... and DEFINITELY don't run! Hire a Raptor for a totally new Jurassic Dinosaur Experience! Ritchie the Raptor is mischievous, naughty and very fast on his feet! The most realistic Dinosaur in the UK.

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    We’re thrilled to introduce you to Richie Raptor – he’s mischievous, naughty, highly intelligent, extremely vocal and not so cuddly! As seen on TV!

    This Raptor is all about performance. He is so realistic in his movements and actions that he could have stepped right out of Jurassic Park 3 – and its colouring is similar to the ones used in the movie! Fully animatronic, he blinks, roars and even poses for photos! This is a UNIQUE, one of a kind dinosaur, with realistic sounds, movements and look. There isn’t another Raptor like this in the UK!

    With our expert puppeteers and actors, we create a highly entertaining Raptor dinosaur show.

    This is a performance based display. His teeth are very sharp so he is not for stroking – his Rangers will explain to your audience how this naughty Raptor is 100% wild, and not yet trained up like our other walkabout dinosaurs. He has escaped his reins and is now prowling and growling around the designated performance area, ready to scare anyone who dares approach!

    Ideal for shows, displays, PR stunts, filming & anything requiring a huge audience reaction! Hire a Raptor Dinosaur if you want to see people screaming and scared! Oh, okay, he does make people laugh too! And the screaming will be screams of excitement!

    He is also available to hire alongside our more approachable T Rex, Raptor & Triceratops walkabout Dinosaurs and adorable newborn babies, who will happily meet & greet your guests and pose for photos.

    To book Richie Raptor, call Big Foot Events or visit Hire Dinosaurs.

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    “Ritchie the Raptor created a really lively event, with lots of laughter. It’s a great spectacle to see the dinosaur in motion, running around the shops. Children were stunned by how quick it was! The naughty dinosaur ran through the shopping centre, diving in and out of shops meeting customers and staff. The scary looking creature really entertained the crowds, and fortunately, Ritchie the Velociraptor turned out to be friendly! He was joined by the Jurassic Rangers and some cute, newly hatched dinosaur babies, including a triceratops and a brontosaurus.”

    Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon

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