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Oyster Opera

Oyster Opera brings entertaining opera to the streets!


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    Oyster Opera brings entertaining opera to the streets!

    This interactive approach, with magnificent costumes, props, and sets makes magical street opera performances for all ages and seasons.

    Walkabout Opera

    This classic Oyster Opera street performance provides two opera singers in brightly-coloured fabulous operatic costumes. The opera singers will mingle and engage with the audience. Our fabulous singers can also perform with mobile prop and stage, The Gondola.

    La Traviata

    La Traviata is an eye-catching visual experience! La Traviata sing the hit solos and duets from Verdi’s La Traviata with comedy and audience interaction. The incredible height, drama, and music make a great spectacle, especially when there are crowds. The soprano performer appears elevated in a giant, gorgeous red mobile ‘dress’, and the tenor in classic evening tails performs on the ground.

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