Come Face To Face With Some Of Your Favourite Horror Film Characters

Horror Character Meet and Greet

Bring the fear of some of the most classic Horror Films to life with these amazing Horror Character Meet and Greet Acts for Hire!

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    Did you ever want to meet your favourite Horror Film characters? Well, now you can!

    Invite Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Billy the Puppet to your event and give your guests a fright they will never forget!

    Jason wears one of the original masks that was featured in Friday the 13th part 7 along with his costume that was imported from American Studios, the mask that Michael wears has been made from the same cast used for the original Halloween, Freddy has the actual hat that was used in Nightmare on Elm Street and Billy the Puppet is the exact puppet used in Saw 2, he was bought from Lionsgate Pictures who made the film.

    These acts are not just your typical meet and greet acts, all costumes and props have either been handmade, bought direct from the original film studio or designed by our team. All characters are professional actors who have years of experience bringing your favourite terrifying characters to life!

    The team are available as a 6 piece, individually or a mix and match of characters.

    Our horror Meet and Greet Acts for hire are perfect for any Halloween event or even just to treat the biggest horror fans to an up close and personal with these iconic characters.

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