Glowbot Robot - Impressive Robot Walkabout

Glowbot Robot

This 9ft tall LED Robot will tower above and amaze your guests! This high energy walkabout can also fire CO2 Guns to create a strong impact! Our all shining, all dancing Glowbots and Robots are the ultimate meet & greet and photo opportunity character!



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    Our all shining, all dancing Flashtronic Glowbots and Robots are the ultimate meet & greet and photo opportunity character!

    This impressive act is covered in hundreds of built in L.E.D lights which can be set to various colours and effects to suit your requirements. This high energy, high impact Robot walkabout is 9ft tall so will create a huge impression on your guests.

    If you also want that extra WOW Factor, our Glowbots are also available with CO2 guns to create clouds of dry ice over and around your guests.

    A guaranteed talking point!

    Also available to book alongside our Glow Project packages and artists to perform alongside the Robot to make an even greater impact! Perfect for Stage Shows!


    “Thank you so much, the robot and glow girls were a great success and will be spoken about for years to come! They really added to the party and were perfect. I look forward to working with you again.”
    – Katie Levene, Luc’s Bar Mitzvah

    “The guys were great! The customers really enjoyed the content. Excellent!”
    – Alien Invasion Night at MooMoo Clubrooms Tunbridge Wells

    “Big Foot Events were a treat to work with, with a short time frame we secured the Flashtronic Robot and Glow Project Dancers and the process was nice and easy, and also very competitively priced! Will definitely ask Erica for help with other events in the future and refer clients to her as well. Thanks again for securing them for us at such short notice!”
    – Westminster College Cambridge

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