Book LED Pixel Head Interactive Characters to meet and greet your guests!

Pixel Heads Walkabout Act

These LED Pixel Heads are the perfect interactive walkabout act to meet and greet your guests. These cheeky characters will light up your event!


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    If you want entertainment that will cause a stir, light up your event, attract attention, as well as being a terrific photo opportunity, book the Pixel Heads! These interactive walkabout characters are the perfect meet and greet entertainment for your guests and event.

    These cheeky chappies always attract a crowd; the ladies adore them and the all the guys want to be their buddies!

    These fun entertainers can be hired for a multitude of themed events and will dress to suit your occasion; from Black Tie Awards and Gala Dinners, to Christmas Parties and Exhibitions, the Pixel Head guys will bring fun and laughter to every gathering!

    LED walkabout acts are attention-grabbing, social media-loving entertainment, and the Pixel Heads will dance, interact, pose for photographs and make sure all your guests leave smiling!

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