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Pirate Takeover

Ahoy there mateys! 'Tis time to set sail for adventure with our Pirates! Choose from Street Theatre Shows, Bouncing Stilts, Walkabout Entertainment and even a Pirate Ship! Hilarious, interactive, swashbuckling shows, sword fighting and fun! Choose from Pirate Pandemonium, Pirate Pranks, Barbarossa's Band of Buchaneers, The Scurvy Shark, or just a Pirate Takeover themed event!


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    Join Captain Catt, the most feared Pirate on the Spanish main, and his bumbling first mate, Bo’Sun Brains, as they set off in search of adventure, lost islands and Trevor! (Whoever he is….sorry?…. Oh! Ahem…) TREASURE!
    A hilarious, interactive Pirate Show full of Swashbuckling, sword-fighting, X marks the spot, and of course biscuits! Avast behind! (Cheeky!)


    2 Hander version of the show, with Captain Catt and Bo’Sun Brains.
    Without a crew… or a clue… life is hard on the ocean waves, but perhaps the audience have what it takes to be Pirates? This is your chance to sail the seven seas and try your hand at being a real-life Pirate!
    So come dressed in your best Pirate clobber and get ready to sail for adventure!

    This merry band of Buchaneers sail straight out of the Story Books and into your Event! Perfect for a Pirate Takeover Day and Themed Event!
    With meet and greet, interactive fun, street theatre shows, walkabout entertainment and so much more!

    The infamous ship of Captain Catt!
    There is no other like this incredible 15 foot (4.5 metres) electric Pirate Ship – a ‘must-have’ for any Nautical themed event!
    This is a perfect stage for any of our Pirate Shows or as a centre-piece for a Maritime Event.
    It can safely be driven indoors and out!

    This cheeky duo of Bouncing Buchaneers bring new heights to any Pirate themed event! These incredible jump-stilt performers make a spectacular addition to any event. Vibrant, interactive and highly entertaining, they make a perfect photo opportunity for socials!

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