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The Living Lamp Posts

The Living Lamp Posts stand at over ten feet tall, they are noble and elegant Lamp Posts that will shine a new light on your events.

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    Introducing The Living Lamp Posts! An enchanting and illuminating new act illuminating events worldwide!

    Standing at over three metres tall these noble and elegant Lamp Posts will shine a new light on your event. Let them explore their surroundings to light-up people’s faces and fill them with joy. Need a light? They can help with that! Trouble seeing in the dark? Let them be your guide! The Living Lamp Posts are a marvellous moving display of ornate light and colour.

    Brought to you by the creators of The Hedge Men and Flower People – with over fifteen years of experience performing around the world.

    Perfect for Christmas Light Events, Illumination Events, Shopping Events, Light Festivals, Christmas Tree unveil-ings, Narnia Themed Events, Evening Street Events, Late Night Shopping Events, Evening High Street Events, Weddings, Stately Homes, Victorian Themed Events, Alice In Wonderland themed Events or anything that re-quires a magical touch of illumination.

    The Living Lamp Posts are a shiny new act for this year and are available for bookings immediately

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