Witchcraft & Wizardry Shows for Magical Themed Events

The Skerrold School Of Sorcery

The Skerrold School of Sorcery features Witchcraft & Wizardry, Street Theatre Shows, Ogres, Dragons & Workshops for a magical themed event! The Battle of The Wizards, Ord the Ogre, an Enchanted Cauldron, Flying Witches, Magic Workshops and so much more! Magical Themed Event Entertainment for all the family to enjoy.


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    THE BATTLE OF THE WIZARDS SHOW – 3 person show
    Master Skerrold leads “The Assembly” a secret society of immortal warlocks, entrusted with protecting the human world!
    This fantastic family show features Master Skerrold, The Apprentice and Septimus. With comedy, plenty of audience participation and incredible illusions, the audience will leave believing that magic really does exist! Also available as a 2 person show: THE WIZARD’S APPRENTICE, without Septimus.
    WALKABOUT: All characters from the show are available as walkabout entertainment.


    Enchanted by the spirit of an ancient sorcerer, the Enchanted Cauldron has the power to divine the spirit element of potential warlocks. Your guests present themselves to the Cauldron and listen carefully, as he muses on their character and qualities before inviting them to place their hand in the Cauldron’s smoke – which then changes colour according to their spirit element – Earth, Air, Wind or Fire! This animatronic Enchanted Cauldron’s expressive face is operated by remote control and synchronises with his voice to delight your visitors!

    A giant with a heart of gold! Ord the Ogre is the trusted keeper of the Bewilderguard. 7-feet tall and nearly as broad, Ord is an imposing giant & rightly feared by the Dark Realm. But when amongst friends, this gentle giant shows his good-humoured nature and playful wit and is beloved by young and old. Ord the Ogre often accompanies the Enchanted Cauldron.


    These cheeky witches are the best flyers and best duellers in the castle!


    A wonderful walkabout performance that proves it doesn’t matter what you look like on the inside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Meet Esme & Beastie, a big, friendly monster who just wants a hug! Perfect for Halloween or Magical themed events.


    An interactive baby dragon, hand reared by the Dragon Master.


    POTIONS: Create your own magic potion that you can take away and drink!
    MAKE A WAND: Create your own bespoke wand and pour into it all the magic that you wish to use!
    HERBOLOGY: In this interactive workshop, students will decorate their own magical plant pot!

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