Hire Zeus - Europe's Largest Walking T Rex Dinosaur

Zeus The Giant T-Rex

Meet Zeus - Europe's largest walking T Rex Dinosaur! Zeus reaches dizzy heights of 12ft tall and is a whopping 22ft in length! This is the UK's most realistic T Rex Dinosaur and available to hire for Festivals, Holiday Resorts, Museums, Schools, Shopping Centres, Theatres and Events!



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    Meet ZEUS – the newest and BIGGEST addition to the Hire Dinosaurs stable and Europe’s largest walking T Rex Dinosaur!​

    Reaching dizzy heights of up to 12ft tall and a whopping 22ft in length, this Giant T Rex will amaze audiences with his incredible height and presence! Our Rangers are doing their utmost to train this Jurassic Beast in preparation for his appearances at Shopping Centres, Museums, Festivals and Jurassic Themed Parks, Theatres and Events!

    This is the most realistic walking dinosaur ever! When Zeus the Giant T Rex whips his head around and roars, you can hear the gasps from the audience and every camera will be out to capture the scene!

    This Giant T Rex is bigger than a house, and has animatronic blinking…. he opens and closes his enormous mouth, baring his huge, sharp teeth, and with his loud ROAR he will be heard far and wide! We suggest you cover your ears!

    With the help of one of our experienced and entertaining Dinosaur Rangers, you can watch this HUGE Media attraction perform for your audience!

    Our Rangers love entertaining and interacting with every audience and will ensure each appearance is thoroughly memorable and entertaining.

    Dinosaurs are our passion – That’s why we are the best!

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