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Enchanted Flower Roaming Globe

The Enchanted Flower Roaming Globe is a completely unique, beautifully illuminated, interactive walkabout act.


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    The Enchanted Flower Roaming Globe is a completely unique, beautifully illuminated, interactive walkabout act.

    This roaming globe is hugely popular at outdoor arts and street theatre festivals and has toured extensively all over the world, from Belgium, Austria, and Germany to Japan, Russia, Kuwait, and the UAE! It’s very much like a micro-theatre that roams through the audiences bringing the vibrant scene to life with puppetry, physical theatre, and special effects. It’s perfect for spring and summer event entertainment, daytime or night.

    Although very popular touring at arts festivals, it’s also equally at home as a unique spectacle at Garden events and Flower Shows, or as a special wow factor as your private garden party entertainment. Both children and adults get swept into the magic of this beautiful roaming act.

    The performance character is Floris, the mystical flower nymph who lives inside this magical and unique mobile microclimate. She is joyful and curious to meet her spectators. She draws them into her magical world, filled with butterflies and charm, magic and wonder. Giant posies bloom around her, flourishing in the heat. Watch as she tends to them and breathes life into all the little puppet creatures that live amongst them, with a little help from her spectators.

    Floris glides through events in this beautiful mobile flower roaming globe, interacting with the public, emanating a warmth and goodness reminiscent of childhood fairytales, sharing her world with them. Audiences are encouraged by her to press the big button on the outside of her world which makes the beautiful blossom mobile above her head rotate and all the little butterflies on it bob.

    Tranquil music plays from the Enchanted Flower Globe, peppered with bird song, crickets and buzzing bees. It brings a ray of sunshine to spring and summer events whatever the weather. Watch audiences melt as they disappear under this acts beautiful spell.

    This beautiful roaming act is available in a selection of eye-catching themes. These include our Under the Sea Roaming Globe, Living Snow Globe, and Mystic Mirror Roaming Globe!

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