Interactive Grumpy Fairies!

Bad Tempered Fairies

Bad Tempered Fairies are hilarious to watch and will grant your guests wishes through gritted teeth! Fabulously different Street Entertainers!

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    Not all fairies are nice, and these ones are definite exceptions to the rule!

    Bad Tempered Fairies will grant wishes, begrudgingly, through gritted teeth, amusing children and adults alike!

    If you get on their good side, they MIGHT leave you with a much covetted ‘Wish Voucher’… Place it under your pillow and hope for the best!!

    Fairies can be booked on their own, in a team, on foot or on stilts, and can be as naughty or nice as you want! We are happy to tailor the set to suit you.

    For Corporate events, a team of Bad Tempered Fairies will meet and greet your guests, amusing and beguiling them with cantankerous witticisms! They will mix and mingle, interacting with your guests and will tailor their mood according to the audience, milder or sharp and acerbic! Wish Vouchers can be branded with your company logo or the date of your event.

    Perfect interactive entertainment for a wide range of events. Suitable for family events, Christmas Themes, Magical Themes, Corporate Events and parties.

    Fairies don’t HAVE to be naughty of course, we have NICE ones too! Our Winter and Christmas Fairies are perfect for meeting and greeting guests at themed events and Christmas parties!

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