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The SkiBand & Red Hot Santas

More than a walkabout band, the SkiBand bring their own brand of Musical Street Theatre to any event. Fiercely entertaining and refreshingly irreverent. Available in many different themes to fit Christmas Events, Food and Summer Festivals, LED Costumes and much more! Book the Red Hot Santas for Christmas Light Switch On Events!


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    Q. Why is the SkiBand the Best Street Band in the World?

    A. All the players are consummate professionals: musicians with a wealth of experience in live performance and entertainment.

    Way back in the mists of time, before Facebook, Justin Bieber’s Career and the Euro, two storming festival bands came together.

    The BRASSHOPPERS and THE REAL MACAWS were the origins of the SKIBAND. They were the apes ski party in Alpine Ski Resorts. At this altitude the air was thin and the beats were thick and the SKIBAND found that they had something special.

    One of the true strengths of the band is there adaptability. At very short notice they can be helicoptered in (usually in a van) to entertain your audience and make your event something to be talked, tweeted and commented about.

    Over the years the SKIBAND have contributed to a variety of other projects such as SKAVALUTION, THE LAST CHANCE SALOON BAND, THE PEACE ARTISTES, BECKS & THE BULLETS and LITTLE CHIEF, and many more.
    The SKIBAND are just the tip of a musical iceberg that spans two decades, and shows no sign of stopping.

    Over the years the SKIBAND have worn many costumes, and they can bring a bespoke look to meet your needs.

    The Red Hot Santas
    Seasonal Songs, frolics and walkabout Christmas Joy! Festive madness and the best spontaneous street entertainment and performance from a cracker of a band!

    The Red Hot Dinners
    Perfect for a Food Festival or any Public Event! Donned in Chefs and Butchers Outfits, the Red Hot Dinners will tickle your taste buds and entertain everyone in sight! Playing everyone’s favourite songs in a joyful manner!

    Club Tropicana
    Summertime Street beats and festival fun! Create a fantastic atmosphere for summer events with costumed musicians and performers!

    Ski Light
    Ski Light is a De-Light! LED Street Band with illuminated costumes! This is an enchanting, musical band playing all your favourite songs whilst entertaining the masses with fun and frolics!

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