Climb Inside the Belly of a Giant Whale

Giant Inflatable Whale

Step inside the belly of a Giant Inflatable Whale and listen to Pirate stories, Mermaid's song and explore deep sea wonders! This 50ft replica of a Giant Sperm Whale provides fun for all the family!

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    We invite you to cast off your shoes and squeeze into a true-to-life-size inflatable Giant Whale! The Whale is a replica of a 50ft (18 metre) Sperm Whale. The belly of the Whale is lavishly decorated with a sea-scape under-the-sea themed interior.

    There are two options available for this ginormous under-the-sea themed family attraction:

    The Pirate’s Misadventure (Children’s Show)
    The Whale is enclosed in a lobster-net fence and guarded by a nosy Fish Wife. Brave swashbuckers are led into the Whale’s belly where they will encounter a shipwrecked Pirate with a treasure tale to tell, and a real live Mermaid who will sing a haunting siren’s song, revealing an intriguing secret.

    The Mariner’s Museum (Animated Installation)
    Inside the giant inflatable Whale, to the sounds of crashing waves, an ancient Sea Salt leads visitors around a living museum of deep sea wonders. Curiosities include mermaids’ purses; an arm-wrestling octopus; a skeleton with xylophone ribs and bewildering flotsam and jetsam. The audience will be invited to touch and taste some of the exhibits.

    “It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Giant Whale and team of sea characters. The show was just fantastic!”
    Creative Director – Fantasy High Street


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