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  1. Diamond of the Season: Host a Regency and Bridgerton Themed Event

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    With the release of the third season of Bridgerton yesterday, there’s no better time to host a Regency Era or Bridgerton Themed Event. Celebrate the sophistication and elegance of the era and invite your guests to a lavish Bridgerton Party!

    A Royal Arrival

    Provide your guests with the royal treatment from their arrival at your Bridgerton Themed Event. Our Royal Footmen will great your guests and make them feel special. They are available in a range of costumes and will perfectly suit your event.

    Interactive Entertainment and Activities

    Our Character Performers and Lookalikes will roam around your event, providing charming interactions and immersing your guests in the world of Bridgerton. Consider hiring our talented Dancers to host classes, teaching your guests how to master the elegance of the Waltz or Quadrille. Add some fun and competition to your Regency Bridgerton Party with classic Lawn Games such as croquet. For a truly memorable experience, offer Horse and Carriage Rides – or avoid any mess and create a Horse and Carriage Photo Opportunity with our high-quality Props!

    Bridgerton Themed Event

    Dress to Impress

    Invite your guests to compete for the title of ‘Diamond of the season’ with a Regency dress code. Think empire waistlines, gloves, and tiaras for the ladies; cravats, tailcoats, and breeches for the gentlemen.

    Musical Elegance

    A live String Quartet such as Strelitzia String Quartet is the perfect musical accompaniment for your event. They will perform a mixture of songs from the show or classic pieces from the Regency Era to ensure your guests waltz the night away. An Electric String Quartet such as Siren String Quartet will add a modern fusion to your event. They perfectly complement Bridgerton’s classic takes on contemporary hits such as ‘Wildest Dreams’, ‘Give Me Everything’, and ‘thank u, next’.

    Opulent Venue Theming

    For your event, only the most elegant Venue Theming will do! Indulge in rich fabrics in creams, pinks, and purples for opulent interior décor. Twinkling lights and warm glowing candles will illuminate your Bridgerton Party, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. Our Bird Cage Photo Opportunity, adorned with beautiful wisteria, will create wonderful memories for your events – and stunning social media content!

    Masquerade Magic

    Add an air of mystery and mystique by turning your Bridgerton Themed Event into a Masquerade Ball! Our Living Statues and Stilt Walkers will be concealed behind elegant masks dressed in their finest Regency Era costumes. They provide the perfect touch of majesty and grandeur.

    Bridgerton Themed Event
    Get in touch with Big Foot Events today to create a unforgettable Bridgerton experience. We will transport your guests to the Regency Era, filled with elegance, charm, and sophistication.
  2. Unforgettable Family Shows for All Ages!

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    Experience captivating entertainment for the whole family with a fun-filled Family Show! Our Family Shows promise to take your guests on an array of adventures, featuring beloved characters, interactive experiences, and unforgettable moments.

    Beatrix Potter

    Step into the world of Beatrix Potter and meet some of her most cherished characters in this Family Show. Audiences prepare for an interactive journey filled with plenty of audience participation. They will encounter Miss Potter, Peter, Mr Todd, and Mrs Tiggywinkle on this brand-new adventure!

    Beatrix Potter Family Show

    Peter Pan

    Families are invited to join the boy who never grew up as he sets sail on an adventure alongside Tinkerbell and Captain Hook. With a perfect blend of comedy, song, dance, and swashbuckling sword fights! This fast-paced Family Show is sure to captivate little Lost Boys, fairies, and pirates alike.

    Peter Pan Family Show


    Invite your guests to join the crew for a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas with a Pirates-themed Family Show. Brace yourself for Pirate Pandemonium! Featuring Bouncing Buccaneer Stilt Walkers, Pirate Pranks, and thrilling sword-fighting that will have you shouting ‘X marks the spot!’

    Pirates Family Show

    Skerrold’s School of Sorcery

    The School of Sorcery provides a magical experience like no other. This Family Show will captivate little wizards, good witches, and fairies alike. This enchanting Family Show features comedy, plenty of audience participation, and incredible illusions that will leave everyone believing that magic really does exist.

    School of Sorcery Family Show


    Encourage your guests to unleash their inner superhero and join the excitement of our Superhero Family Show. With options such as “The Justin Credible Super Show” and “Justin Credible & The Gems of Power,” prepare for an epic showdown between good and evil, packed with comedy, music, and mind-bending illusions.

    Alice in Wonderland

    Get ready for games, sing-alongs, and an abundance of tea as you journey through Wonderland with Alice and The Mad Hatter in this delightful show.

    Alice Family Show

    From classic tales to thrilling adventures, our Family Shows promise an unforgettable Family Fun Day filled with laughter, excitement, and cherished memories for the whole family to treasure.  

  3. Create a Spellbinding Spectacle with a Magic Themed Event

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    Add a sprinkle of magic into your events! Our mystical entertainment is ideal for Family Days, Magic Themed Events, or any event in need of some extra charm!

    The School of Sorcery

    The School of Sorcery is an unmissable addition to any Magic Themed Event. From immersive wizarding battles Family Shows to Sorcery Workshops! We guarantee The School of Sorcery will enchant little wizards and witches with spellbinding entertainment.

    Your guests will embark on a magical experience with the extraordinary Master Skerrold, leader of a secret warlock society entrusted with safeguarding the human world. As the forces of dark magic conspire to overthrow the realm of light magic and seize control of magical kingdoms, Skerrold and his Apprentice must keep the human world safe. In a duel of light and dark magic, and with the active participation of your audience, Skerrold prevails over the dark forces. This Family Show promises an unforgettable experience, creating magical memories for your guests.

    Wizarding Workshops

    Our Sorcery Workshops are the ideal solution for bringing family fun to a Magic Themed Event! Guests can learn to make their own magic potions, create spells and enchantments using herbology, or make a bespoke wand, pouring into it all the magic they wish to use! These interactive workshops are led by Wizard and Witch Tutors who will harness the enchantment and delight your little sorcerer!

    Magic Themed Event - Sorcery Workshops

    Dreygo The Dragon

    Prepare to be spellbound by our magical animatronic Dragon! Dreygo the Dragon brings larger-than-life, interactive walkabout entertainment that will enchant both children and adults alike. Accompanied by a Merlin-style Wizard, Dreygo captivates audiences with his awe-inspiring presence.

    Magic Themed Event - Drego the Dragon and Baby Dragon

    Your guests will watch in awe as Dreygo unfurls his incredible wings, exhaling wisps of smoke from his nostrils, playfully wagging his tongue, and roaring with delight for his adoring fans. But the magic doesn’t end there—Dreygo has a baby of his own! With all of the fierce features of Dreygo, alongside his own unique and distinctive attributes, this is one extremely enchanting Baby Dragon!

    The Enchanted Globe

    Create a realm of wonder with our Enchanted Roaming Globes at your Magic Themed Event. The Globes gracefully wandering around your event with mesmerising special effects designed to enchant your guests!

    Magic Themed Event - Enchanted Globe

    Among our globes is the Mystic Mirror Globe, a magical universe of spinning mirrors enclosed within a globe in which the wise Mystic resides. Lighting effects set the scene and dance off the mirrors; your guests can engage with the magic by pressing the button, starting the overhead mirror ball and mirrors to spin, catching the light, and beaming it into the audience. Combined with ethereal music, smoke effects, and a theatrical performance by the Mystic, this spellbinding act with captivate all those who witness its magic.

    Additionally, our Enchanted Flower Globe provides a magical spectacle for spring and summer. Within a mobile microclimate, Floris the mystical flower nymph beckons guests into her magical world of butterflies, magic, and wonder. Giant posies bloom around her, flourishing in the heat.

    Magical Walkabout Characters

    Encounter magical walkabout characters, from wizards to fairies, towering trees to ogres! Among these fantastical beings, the Treants stand tall as tree-mendous Stilt Walking giants. This unique act never fails to create wonder and gasps of awe wherever they go!

    Magic Themed Event - walkabout characters

    The enchantment doesn’t end there. Guests can be sorted into their elements of air, earth, wind, or fire by the Enchanted Cauldron! With a touch of magic, guests present themselves to the Cauldron, who muses on their character and qualities before inviting them to place their hand in its smoke. The smoke transforms, revealing their spirit element through colour.  

    With our lineup of magical attractions, your event is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Let us bring the magic to you!

  4. Recreating Legends: Live Music inspired by Music Biopics

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    Music biopics provide the perfect inspiration for live music at your next event! Over the past decade, the genre has experienced a remarkable revival, reigniting interest in iconic artists and their musical legacies.

    music biopics tributes

    2019’s Sir Elton John biopic and jukebox musical film ‘Rocketman’ stars the talented Taron Egerton. The story is told through Sir Elton John’s music and is titled after the 1972 song ‘Rocket Man’. Renowned as one of the finest Elton John tributes in the UK, Jimmy Love captures the essence of the legendary artist. You and your guests can enjoy an unforgettable performance as Jimmy weaves the narrative through over 40 years of Sir Elton John’s hits.

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    This biopic was released in 2018 and chronicles on the life of Freddie Mercury from the formation of Queen in 1970 to their iconic 1985 Live Aid performance. Bring the magic of Queen to life at your next event with our incredible Tributes, faithfully recreating the band’s distinctive performances and timeless sound.

    Back to Black

    We are excited for the upcoming Amy Winehouse music biopic ‘Back to Black‘ featuring Marisa Abela as the late singer, set to release later this year. Absolute AMY performs the UK’s newest and most authentic Amy Winehouse tribute show. Absolute AMY is a remarkable journey through Amy’s influences, her greatest works, and her later covers spanning soul, hip-hop, jazz, and ska, with a spine-tingling likeness that keeps Amy’s incredible music alive. Nicola Marie as Amy Winehouse features incredible talent, stunning vocals, and the rich unique voice that Amy was known for. Not only does Nicola sing, she also adds in humour and interacts with her audience.


    Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 epic biopic features Austin Butler as the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Known as the ‘young Elvis Presley Mark Summers is described as the closest to Elvis as you can get, performing worldwide for over 10 years. From the costumes to the instruments, this is a fabulous high-energy production.

    Bob Marley: One Love

    Released in February 2024, this inspiring film is based on the life of reggae singer and songwriter, Bob Marley. Played by Kingsley Ben-Adir, the film documents Marley’s rise to fame in the mid-70s up until his passing in 1981. Few artists have made as enduring an impact on music as Bob Marley. Renowned for his reggae rhythms, soulful lyrics, and timeless message of unity and love. Bob Marley’s music continues to resonate with people of all ages. If you’re looking to infuse your event with a sense of unity, a Bob Marley tribute is the perfect solution.

    Music biopics provide the perfect inspiration for choosing live music for your next event. Looking for something different? Contact us today to explore our range of Live Bands, Musicians, and Tributes!

  5. Pass the Positivity with a Living Wall

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    In February 2024, Big Foot Events were delighted to collaborate with our client to create an installation dedicated to spreading positivity at their shopping centre.

    The Brief

    Our client approached us looking to create an interactive installation to represent togetherness and positivity, aligning with the period between Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Our goal was to foster the sharing of good energy and positive vibes!

    The Challenges

    Working within a constrained budget, one of the challenges we faced was to design an impactful installation without exceeding financial limits. Additionally, we faced a tight timeline, having only a week to conceptualise and bring our idea to life at the shopping centre. The need for a strong concept that fit the brief was crucial, but we approached the task with confidence in delivering the perfect solution for our client based on their goals.

    In addition, inclusivity was a paramount consideration, given our client’s multicultural customer base. The installation had to resonate with individuals of all ages, religions, and communities. Our objective was to provide entertainment that transcended religious celebrations, ensuring broad appeal and engagement.

    The Solutions

    Due to the timeframe, our primary focus was on developing an acute understanding of our client and their vision. We needed to deliver an entertainment solution that was both impactful and budget-friendly within the time constraints.

    A Living Wall stood out as a cost-effective and visually compelling installation, embodying the message of spreading positivity. Importantly, it avoids any reference to religious or other celebrations, creating a universally inclusive environment. This intentional approach ensured that individuals of all backgrounds were welcomed to participate. This promoted a celebration of togetherness free from cultural barriers.

    The Result

    Living Wall

    We created a beautiful, interactive Living Wall installation with the purpose of spreading positivity. The Living Wall is decorated with an elegant flower arch and vibrant paper balloons to symbolise freedom. The balloons add a burst of colour and also carry messages of support, positivity, and good vibes. They are designed to ‘uplift’ others. Shoppers are actively encouraged to take and contribute these messages, writing on supplied tags to attach to the balloons. This interactive element transforms the Living Wall into a collaborative effort, creating connection, unity, and shared positivity.

  6. Why Hire a Bob Marley Tribute?

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    Searching for the perfect live music to elevate your event? Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing is gonna be alright with a Bob Marley tribute.

    When it comes to creating a vibrant atmosphere at your event, few artists have made as enduring an impact on music as the legendary Bob Marley. Renowned for his reggae rhythms, soulful lyrics, and timeless message of unity and love. Bob Marley’s music continues to resonate with people of all ages. If you’re looking to infuse your event with a sense of unity, a Bob Marley tribute is the perfect solution.

    Reggae music has an innate ability to bring people together and create an atmosphere of joy. The laid-back rhythms and positive energy of Bob Marley’s music appeals to a wide audience. This makes a tribute an excellent choice for your event.

    Additionally, there has been a recent heightened interest in the legend. This is sparked by the release of the biopic ‘Bob Marley: One Love’. This ensures that a Bob Marley tribute will attract new fans to any public event.

    At Big Foot Events, our diverse selection of live music acts includes a multitude of tributes. Our Bob Marley tributes capture the essence of the iconic singer and breathe life into his legacy. From Sam Newman’s soulful solo act to One Love Orchestra’s tribute and backing bands, and even a Steel Band offering an instrumental rendition of the hits, we’ve got it all.

    Contact us today to infuse the spirit of reggae and vibrancy into your upcoming events with a Bob Marley tribute. Let’s get together and feel alright!

  7. Embark on a Prehistoric Journey with I Saw A Dinosaur Show

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    Embark on a journey back in time with I Saw A Dinosaur! An interactive Dinosaur experience that promises thrills, excitement, and the chance to get up close and personal with our animatronic prehistoric beasts! This prehistoric lineup promises an hour of interactive and awe-inspiring entertainment! I Saw A Dinosaur is more than just a dinosaur show; it’s an interactive journey into the world of dinosaurs, combining education with exhilaration. With a one-hour format, plus group photos and meet-and-greet sessions, this experience is perfect for families, dinosaur enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a roaring good time. Audiences will not want to miss out on the chance to become a certified Ranger and make memories that will last a lifetime. Step into the past and witness the magic of I Saw A Dinosaur – where the dinosaurs come to life!

    How it Begins…

    I Saw a Dinosaur recounts an expedition deep into the jungles of South America, where the very first Dinosaur Egg was discovered.  Rangers emerge holding adorable baby dinosaurs, straight from the Jurassic nursery, setting the stage for an immersive and educational experience.

    Ranger Training

    Then, enter Ranger Danger, the wild man leading the charge in a high-energy, interactive training session for the audience. They can learn the art of controlling Dinosaurs, preparing them for an encounter! Each aspiring Ranger undergoes a final exam and earns a qualification sticker as a badge of honour.

    Richie the Raptor Encounter

    Excitement peaks as the audience play games with Richie the Raptor. Our Raptor’s favourite game? Hide and seek! The audience can capture the moment with photos and create lasting memories.

    A T-Rex Breakout!

    After mastering Ranger Training and avoiding being eaten (so far!), audiences experience the grand finale featuring a sudden appearance by our T-Rex. A choreographed action sequence unfolds, showcasing breathtaking stunts and our colossal T Rex. The show concludes with meet and greet opportunities, allowing audience members to snap photos and share the stage with the mighty Jurassic giant.

    Call us on 01253 351100 or email

  8. Behind the Scenes of Jurassic Earth!

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    Lancashire Post stepped into our world of dinosaurs in a behind-the-scenes look at Jurassic Earth. They witnessed our dinosaur choreography, discovered the individual personalities of our dinosaurs, and learnt all about the real ups and downs of working with live animals!

    A Prehistoric Menagerie

    Our paddock is the bustling home to an impressive herd of dinosaurs – each with their own name and distinct personality! Among the notable members are T Rex, Raptors, Spinosaurus, Brontosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Dilong Paradoxus, and many adorable hatchlings.

    The Jurassic Earth team comprises incredible Managers, Technicians, Operators, Actors, Puppeteers, all unparalleled in what they do. Their dedication keeps our dinosaurs all maintained in tricera-tip-top working condition, looking wonderful, and they know how to get the best out of each beast!

    The Evolution of Jurassic Earth

    The story started with Rex, the T-Rex, the heaviest dinosaur in our repertoire – now retired! Director Erica Crompton envisioned the idea of having walking dinosaurs as an attraction for events after being inspired by ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. ‘Why dinosaurs? Everybody loves them, including us. The joy they bring to children of all ages is fantastic to witness.’ Today, our Dinosaurs appear at numerous events all over the country. They even star in their own theatre show, Jurassic Earth.

    Mark your calendars! Jurassic Earth is stomping into Blackpool Grand Theatre on Sunday, February 18, with shows at 1pm and 4pm.

    Watch the film: and read the article:

  9. Halloween Family Fun Day at Aintree Racecourse

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    We were thrilled to support our client with their Halloween entertainment! On the 29th of October 2023, Big Foot Events conjured a spooktacular experience for Aintree Racecourse’s Halloween Family Fun Day.

    The Brief

    Our client wanted to create a spellbinding Halloween-themed family day out, aiming to be the top choice for families seeking the ultimate spooky soiree. They sought to provide a plethora of spine-tingling activities designed to entertain both the little ghouls and the grown-up ghosts.

    The Challenges

    Having collaborated with our client previously for their 2022 Halloween family fun day, we were able to assess the successes and areas for improvement from that experience. Using this valuable feedback, we were able to identify some of the challenges we would face creating 2023’s event.

    In 2022, the event was significantly oversubscribed. In response to the overwhelming demand, we needed to create an event that embraced a large amount of visitors and had plenty of exciting activities for guests to enjoy.

    As well as focusing on drawing new visitors to the racecourse, we needed to provide new and exciting activities for returning families.

    The Solutions

    Building on the successes of 2022, we elevated the event to spookier heights! As a result of identifying the challenges we had previously encountered, we proactively implemented improvements derived from our experience and invaluable feedback received.

    To accommodate the quantity of visitors, we provided a PA and Host to assist with queue management and to captivate and entertain guests between activities.

    We also provided additional entertainers and activities – from an energetic dance flash-mob to a range of Craft Workshops. There was an array of spooky activities to appeal to new and returning visitors.

    The Results

    We made our client’s event the go-to haunt for families seeking the perfect Halloween adventure, brimming with entertainment and excitement! This year’s festivities surpassed the success of 2022.

    Guests were encouraged to be best dressed and come in fantastic Halloween costumes to enter a costume competition. This brought out the most fantastic and imaginative ensembles! Six talented Face Painters worked their magic and transformed little ones into their favourite spooky creatures and characters!

    For those seeking thrills, families hopped aboard our spooky Ghost Train and Teacup Ride! The Halloween Prop Trail beckoned visitors with spooktacular photo opportunities, guiding them through the highlights of the family fun day.

    Adding a dash of surprise and dance flair, Wednesday, Morticia, Gomez, Pudsey, Xavier, and Enid dazzled guests with an unexpected dance flash mob! The energy didn’t stop there; Wednesday herself offered dance lessons to eager participants before they entered a lively dance competition.

    Craft enthusiasts found their haven with our Workshops. We provided a vibrant colouring station and the chance to ‘Craft your own Spider’. These hands-on activities provided a delightful opportunity for families to unleash their creativity.

  10. Science Themed Event for International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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    International Day of Women and Girls in Science falls on Sunday, 11th February this year! This day is an annual observation by the United Nations to promote full and equal access and participation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

    Why not join the global movement and inspire your guests by hosting a Science Themed Event? We have engaging and educational activities that will captivate your guests and encourage them to explore Science and Technology! Promote diversity and empowerment in the world of STEM this February 11th.


    Create an educational, inspirational, and exciting experience to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Immerse your audience in the wonders of space with our Space Dome Experience – an enthralling 360-degree cinematic journey into the cosmos! This fully digital and mobile planetarium is designed to make scientific exploration an enjoyable and interactive experience. For tech enthusiasts, we offer a captivating VR Experience that transports participants into a virtual realm, providing an engaging encounter with cutting-edge technology.

    Calling all aspiring astronauts! Children can partake in astronaut food tasting, explore meteorites hands-on, and test their scientific knowledge with interactive quizzes. Our science themed activities promise a hands-on and entertaining approach to STEM education. Your guests can also embark on an intergalactic adventure with our Space Trail. A journey through a collection of high-quality space themed props. Let your guests experience the wonders of the universe in a fun and memorable way.

    science themed event - science activities


    Add excitement with our Mobile Cave experience. Guests can experience caving in a controlled and safe environment.  Guests will encounter twists and turns, stalagmites and stalactites, and fossils. Invite your guests to explore prehistoric life with our Fossil Workshops, featuring authentic and replica dinosaur fossils. For a hands-on experience, your guests can explore a Dinosaur Dig Site! Our huge animatronic Dinosaurs are the perfect addition to your event, ensuring a roar of excitement. These include a Giant T-Rex, Zeus, who will roam your venue or perform an incredible arena show. Our herbivorous Dinosaurs include a Triceratops and Brontosaurus. For the full Jurassic Park experience, our predator paddock also includes a RaptorSpinosaurus, and Carnotaurus.

    science themed event - geology themed activities


    Take your event to the next level a range of hands-on Workshops! Provide coding sessions to empower your guests with practical skills. Dive into the world of creativity with our mad science workshop, where participants can experiment and explore scientific concepts in an interactive and dynamic environment.

    Add elements of Science Fiction to your Science Themed event with our Special Effects such as Lighting and Sound Production and Snow Effects.

  11. The Best Entertainment for Chinese New Year 2024

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    Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is the most important traditional festival in Chinese culture. This Chinese New Year 2024 falls on Saturday, February 10th. Chinese New Year marks the transition between zodiac signs: 2024 will be the Year of the Dragon!

    Celebrate this Chinese New Year with our traditional venue decor, live music, and captivating entertainment.

    Venue Décor

    Elevate your celebrations with our beautiful traditional décor. Immerse your guests with elements of the Chinese Zodiac. In the spirit of 2024— the Year of the Dragon, anticipate dragon-themed decor! We will transform your venue with red and gold draping, table settings with intricate paper-cuts, and glowing traditional lanterns.

    Red decorations are a leading theme at Chinese New Year. We bring this colour to life through vibrant lanterns, couplets, and fabrics. These elements are traditionally used to symbolise good luck and ward off evil spirits.


    Host traditional Chinese cuisine tasting with our specially themed Food Carts. Chinese New Year places significant emphasis on food, with certain dishes believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Traditional Lunar New Year foods include Changshou Mian (longevity noodles) and dumplings (these resemble ancient money, symbolising wealth and prosperity!).

    Invigorate your celebration with the essential spectacle of Lion and Dragon Dances, vibrant performances believed to usher in good luck, prosperity, and happiness. Create a spectacle with our Fire Breathers and Fire Performers, whose fiery artistry not only captivates guests but also symbolizes a passionate warding off of evil spirits. Add tradition and excitement with the graceful movements of our beautiful Ribbon Dancers and the mesmerizing mask-changing artistry of our Bian Lian performers.

    Chinese New Year 2024 Entertainment

    Embrace the Year of the Dragon with the magnificent presence of our animatronic Dragon at your event. Dreygo the Dragon provides larger-than-life, interactive, walkabout entertainment who will delight children and adults of all ages. Dreygo flaps his incredible wings, breathes smoke from his nostrils, waggles his tongue, rears up, and roars for his audience. He has an incredible wing-span of 15ft, and when his wings flap they reach 12ft in the air!

    Involve young guests in the festive spirit with our captivating arts and crafts Workshops. Let their creativity blossom as they delve into the intricacies of traditional paper-cutting or craft their own vibrant lanterns. Additionally, host a session of traditional Chinese games such as mahjong or Chinese chess.

    Chinese New Year 2024 Entertainment

    Leave a lasting impression on your guests by offering them a thoughtful reminder of the event. Gift traditional hongbao (red envelopes) adorned with small tokens, ensuring your Chinese New Year celebration will be memorable.

  12. Trending Event Themes for 2024

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    Stay ahead of the curve with your event planning in 2024! From creating sustainable experiences and embracing tech-immersive entertainment to celebrating some of the year’s biggest upcoming events. These trending event themes are set to be huge this year, and we’re excited to bring them to life!

    2024 Summer Olympics: Sports Day Themed Event

    Paris is set to host the 2024 summer Olympics this year, marking an occasion that only comes by every four years. Make the most of the occasion by celebrating with a Sports Themed Event. Foster camaraderie, boost morale, and unleash your guests’ competitive side with our fun-filled activities. Let the games begin!

    Host mini versions of Olympic sports and get everyone involved in the action! From Mini Golf courses and Penalty Shootout games to a hilarious Space Hopper Grand Prix, and even a Dog Agility course for your four-legged friends – there’s something for everyone.

    Anyone For Tennis offers a side-splitting Street Theatre miniature tennis match that guarantees laughter. Prepare to be entertained as we set up a pristine court, complete with dead posh umpire and a hilariously highly-strung tennis player eager to challenge your guests. This interactive act can even roam your event as a mobile match! Participants take on roles such as ball boys and girls, physiotherapists, and even royalty.

    Relive the excitement of a school sports day with our classic Sports Day Games! Bring out your guests’ inner child with games such as an egg-and-spoon race, sack race, tug-of-war, and more. Ensure everyone is actively participating with the help of our PE Teacher characters – the dynamic duo of Mr. Stretch and Mr. Armstrong. They embark on a mission to keep the nation fit, wielding a roving musical pommel horse and PE kits rescued from the lost and found locker.

    Add some non-competitive fun to the day with our Interactive Inflatables. From Beach Volleyball to It’s a Wipeout, our inflatables promise endless fun for your guests. Get ready to witness their adventurous spirit as they take on our inflatable Assault Course, designed with a series of exhilarating challenges, walls to climb through, and head-to-head obstacles to conquer.

    trending event themes - sports day and the olympics

    Sustainable Experiences Themed Event

    Did you resolve to be more environmentally conscious this New Year? Celebrate our planet with an engaging and sustainable experience that both educates and delights your guests!

    Immerse your guests in an interactive encounter with the planet’s wildlife, fostering awareness about environmental conservation. Meet the dynamic Borneo Again duo, Captain Jon Voyage and the banana-smuggling orangutan, Mr Business, who share firsthand tales from the rainforest, shedding light on the ongoing deforestation issues.

    The Whale is a replica of a 15ft sperm whale! Guests are invited to venture inside this giant inflatable creature, and they’ll hear tales of sea creatures and learn about their struggle for survival in an ocean full of pollution. These captivating animal walkabouts, including The Dodo Rider, Inka the Polar Bear, and Zelva the Giant Tortoise, share educational stories that leave guests inspired to make a positive impact on our planet.

    For entertaining and environmentally conscious activities, explore our Cardboard Kingdom and Cardboard Arcade attractions. These experiences, crafted from reclaimed materials, showcase the incredible possibilities of recycling. In Cardboard Kingdom, guests can shape, build, paint, and play within their fully cardboard creations, emphasising the creative potential of repurposed materials.

    trending event themes - sustainable experiences

    Leap Year Themed Event

    If you had an extra day, how would you spend it? Celebrating, of course! Leap Day occurs once every four years, so make the most of the day with our spectacular themed entertainment.

    Leap years, marked by 366 days instead of the standard 365, accommodate the Earth’s orbit. Entertain and educate your guests about leap years with our captivating astronomical entertainment!

    Our astronomy-themed entertainment options are out of this world! The Space Dome, a mobile planetarium, offers a unique and interactive learning experience. Elevate the adventure by introducing a Virtual Reality Zone, complete with AR headsets and seating for an immersive cosmic encounter. For younger guests, an Astronaut Training zone awaits! Featuring space suit costumes, meteorite handling, and engaging space-themed worksheets. Let budding astronauts partake in entertaining and educational Astronomy Arts and Crafts Workshops!

    Transform your venue into a celestial haven with drapery and twinkling lights, creating the perfect stargazing atmosphere. Provide beanbags, allowing your guests to recline and marvel at the mesmerising ‘night sky’.

    Guests can create a Leap Year time capsule ready to be opened in four years’ time! Filled with letters to their future selves, snippets of current newspaper headlines, bold predictions for the future, and any ambitious leap year resolutions.

    trending event themes - leap year - space themed event