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  1. New Year Event Themes to Bring in 2024!

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    Big Foot Events will ensure your New Year event is nothing short of unmissable. With incredible live music, immersive theming, and captivating entertainment, we will transform your event into the extraordinary!

    The Roaring 20s

    Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can. Swing into the new year by reviving the opulence and glamour of the 1920s!

    Elevate your New Year Event to new heights with our exquisite art deco decor. Your venue will sparkle with a mirrored bar, illuminated shells, tiffany lamps, opulent drapes that cascade in luxurious folds, graceful ostrich feathers, and starburst backdrops that transport you to the decadent charm of the Jazz Age.

    Soundtrack your night with one of our exceptional classic live Jazz Bands or infuse a modern twist with the Electro Swing Project or The Black Shakes. The Black Shakes promise chart-topping hits delivered in the vivacious style of the twenties. Captivate audiences and fill your dance floor with our Flapper dance troupe.

    Bid farewell to prohibition with a Champagne Dress Hostess, elegantly serving drinks to your guests. Alternatively, let them rendezvous with our Flair Bartenders at the stunning mirrored bar. To add a touch of mystique, a captivating 1920s-themed burlesque performer will captivate all eyes from within a Giant Martini Glass.

    Step into the New Year with a celebration that transcends time, as we bring the glitz and glamour of the 1920s to life for a night of opulence and revelry.


    Treat your guests to the VIP treatment this New Year with an unforgettable Hollywood-themed event!

    From the moment they arrive, your guests will receive a VIP experience! A Red Carpet Dress Lady is the perfect way to greet your guests and make them feel like true celebrities! Capture their star-studded entrance with our exceptional faux paparazzi, ready to snap memorable photos.

    Engage your guests with the presence of celebrity lookalikes, who will seamlessly blend into the crowd, providing fantastic interactions throughout the event.

    Host your very own awards ceremony, bestowing Academy Awards upon your deserving friends or staff members.

    Transform your venue with Hollywood-themed props and décor, including larger-than-life Clapper Boards and Cameras! Showcase the iconic Hollywood sign, creating a visually stunning focal point that captures the essence of Tinseltown.

    Enjoy a movie-musical experience provided by the fantastic Movie Magic, featuring hit songs from blockbuster movies and musicals.

    This New Year, treat your guests to an unparalleled experience that combines sophistication, entertainment, and the glitz of Hollywood.

    Winter Wonderland

    Embrace the festive season with a Winter Wonderland themed new year event!

    The key to transforming your venue into a Winter Wonderland? SNOW! Our Snow Machines are your gateway to creating an enchanting winter atmosphere and snowy spectacle. Effects range from a gentle snowfall to a blizzard, all expertly orchestrated by our skilled Snow Technicians.

    Take your Winter Wonderland to new heights with our wintry Props, festive performers, or introduce a show-stopping Giant Snow Globe!

    Disco Fever

    Prepare to groove into the New Year with a Disco Fever-themed event!

    Immerse your guests in the vibrant energy of Studio 54 with our extraordinary walkabout performers who embody the disco spirit, including our LED Mirror Drummer, Mirror Dancers, and Disco Ball Heads! These entertainers will bring the Studio 54 energy to life, creating an atmosphere that’s both lively and visually stunning.
    Take your celebration to the next level with our mobile Roller Disco, where guests can skate and twirl to the rhythm of the disco beats. And for those who prefer to dance under the shimmering lights, our LED Dancefloor beckons, pulsating to the sounds of our phenomenal disco tribute acts. Immerse yourself in the groove with performances by Chic to Chic, the Bootleg Bee Gees, and Earth Wind for Hire, each delivering an authentic and electrifying tribute to the disco era. If you prefer the dynamic energy of a live band, indulge in the nostalgia with a repertoire of 70s hits. Our bands Popwork and Sweet Sensation promise a live experience that transcends time. They ensure the dance floor remains alive with the iconic tunes of the era.

    This New Year event theme guarantees an unforgettable experience, capturing the essence of the disco era. Get ready to dance the night away!

  2. Our Favourite Winter Event Themes

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    ‘Tis the season for celebration!

    Big Foot Events have an array of entertainment options and theming ideas to ensure that your winter events are nothing short of memorable! From transforming your venue to curating the perfect live music, our expertise extends to every detail of your event. Allow us to craft an experience that goes beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary!

    Whether it’s an Arctic Adventure or an Après Ski soirée, we’ve got your entertainment, live music, theming, and décor needs covered. Here’s a peek into some of our favourite winter event themes to spark your imagination!

    North Pole Party

    A North Pole Party offers a whimsical and festive winter event theme. Simply perfect for little ones and families! This theme brings the magic of Christmas to your celebration.

    We will transform your venue into a Winter Wonderland with icy blue and white drapings, artificial snow and snow blankets, and twinkling lights! For younger attendees, an exciting adventure awaits at Santa’s Workshop! Children step into the role of Santa’s helpers in this fabulously festive, interactive walk-through experience. Keep your guests warm and toasty with our delightful hot chocolate bar. It’s a treat that adds a sweet touch to your winter event! The North Pole magic doesn’t stop there. Our walking Polar Bear and Talking Reindeer are sure to captivate everyone’s hearts. Our Talking Reindeer is not just a prop; it will interact with your guests, replying to questions, and spreading festive joy!

    In the spirit of the North Pole, this winter event theme blends festivity with magic, creating lasting memories for your guests.

    North Pole Party WInter EVent Theme

    Après Ski Soirée

    Host the perfect Après Ski soiree for your next winter event!

    We have the perfect Props and Decor to transform any event space into a charming ski chalet. Picture the scene as your venue becomes a cosy haven, reminiscent of a winter retreat. Our Snow Flocking ensures an authentic alpine touch, creating the illusion of freshly settled snow on windowsills and other surfaces. Our sporty props, including wooden toboggans, skis, sports trophies, and more, all contribute to the authentic Après Ski atmosphere. Brace yourself as your guests may just encounter lost skiers, intrepid snow explorers, or even the mysterious yei!

    What’s an Après Ski soiree without the perfect soundtrack? Elevate your event with Last Orders Piste Up – Après Ski Anthems show. This ensemble of six stupendously talented vocalists guarantees a unique, immersive performance with a blend of hilarious antics and brilliant Après Ski anthems, keeping your guests entertained and fully engaged throughout the event.

    Our Flair Bartenders will skilfully craft winter cocktails and mulled wine to warm the body and spirit! Their entertaining expertise adds a lively touch to your winter event. Delight your guests with our Food Carts offering themed treats such as pretzels, bratwurst, and fondue, providing a taste of the mountains.

    Apres Ski  Winter Event Theme

    Winter Wonderland

    Dreaming of a White Christmas? Bring a postcard-perfect Christmas to life at your winter event.

    The key to transforming your venue into a Winter Wonderland? SNOW! Our Snow Machines are your gateway to creating an enchanting winter atmosphere and snowy spectacle, ranging from a gentle snowfall to a blizzard, all expertly orchestrated by our skilled Snow Technicians.

    Take your Winter Wonderland to new heights with our wintry Props, festive performers, or introduce a show-stopping Giant Snow Globe! or a truly enchanting experience, invite your guests to step into the wardrobe and enter the mystical world of Narnia, where they may encounter beloved characters like Mr. Tumnus. For a more adventurous twist, turn your Wonderland into a Wilderness! Embark on a snowy expedition where encounters with the mysterious Yeti and intrepid snow explorers await.

    Winter Wonderland Winter Event Theme

    Ice Palace

    Step into the enchanting realm of the Ice Palace and elevate your winter event to regal heights!

    Your guests will be greeted by our Royal Footmen, setting the tone for an evening of sophistication. An icy white, sparkling Champagne Dress Hostess gracefully serves drinks, adding an elegant and interactive touch as she roams the room, ensuring each guest is attended to. Our themed characters will mix and mingle with guests: Ice Fairies, twinkling LED Costumes, or the Snow Queen herself within her Living Snow Globe. This awe-inspiring act is the epitome of the wow factor for any winter-themed event. A beautifully detailed winter wonderland scene is contained inside a twinkling, illuminated snow globe. Sitting inside it, an ethereal Snow Queen, interacting with guests, bringing the magical scene to life.

    Decorate your venue with ice white drapes, crystal table centerpieces, towering icicles and ice statues, and white Christmas trees. Intricate Ice Sculptures add to the winter ambiance. For corporate events, customise the experience further by incorporating logos carved into or out of the ice, seamlessly blending brand representation.

    This magical and elegant theme is tailor-made for corporate events, offering a perfect blend of sophistication, fantasy, and immersive experiences.

    Ice palace Winter Event Theme
  3. A Magical Wedding for a Magical Event Planner

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    October 2022 saw Lauren Canavan become Mrs Barrowcliff!

    This beloved member of the Big Foot Events family created her own special day! Armed with her wealth of industry experience and with a diverse selection of entertainment options from the big Foot Events roster, Lauren planned a truly unforgettable celebration.

    From the very onset of the day, this wedding was enchanted with the magic of live entertainment! As guests took their seats for the wedding ceremony, and as the bridal party proceeded way down the aisle, the soulful vocalist Katy Ellis performed a delicate and heartfelt live soundtrack to the occasion.

    Following the heartfelt exchange of vows – accompanied by some emotional tears – family and friends were greeted with a glass of fizz, served by a beautiful Champagne Dress Hostess adorned in sparkles, pearls, and feathers. With confetti in hand, guests stepped into the venue’s picturesque grounds, entertained by the melodies of a talented Harpist. 

    Aside from incorporating ‘something new’ and ‘something blue’ into her day, Lauren had brilliantly mastered ‘something old’. Ready to crash the wedding and make a memorable appearance were our adorable Baby Dinosaurs and mischievous Raptor. These prehistoric animatronic creatures captivated both children and adults, and even managed to sneak in some of the photographs with their cheeky antics.

    The wedding reception delighted guests with a night filled with sensational live music. Katy Ellis welcomed the newlyweds to the dancefloor with a stunning rendition of DJ Sammy’s ‘Heaven (Candlelight Mix)’ for their first dance. Lauren made a dazzling entrance in a sparkling surprise second dress, the first dance tempo hastened, and the party started!

    Katy Ellis continued to amaze with her tribute to Taylor Swift, leaving everyone thoroughly entertained and singing along! The incomparable Popwork graced the stage, guaranteeing a packed dancefloor and an electric atmosphere. Our incredible Mirror Men ensured that everyone had a dancing partner! The entertainment drew to a close with a Soul and Motown set performed by the talented Kurtis Ray White.

    This day had promised to be extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, and truly magical – and it exceeded all expectations! 

    In the throes of planning your own wedding? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today and contact the experts – just ask for Lauren!

    A huge congratulations to Lauren and Joe Barrowcliff, with all our love on their first wedding anniversary.

  4. Why Hire a Roaming Band?

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    Not all those who wander are lost. Enter the Roaming Band (also referred to as a wandering, walkabout, or strolling band)! They will wander around your event space, interacting with your guests, and creating a totally unique live music experience!

    Roaming Band - Beato Burrito at Wedding, The Hot Dogs at Street Fair, SKiBand at Corporate Event, The Hustle at Wedding

    An Interactive Live Music Choice

    Add a dynamic element to your events with a Roaming Band. These groups add energy and create a lively atmosphere offering a fresh take on live music. A unique choice that is guaranteed to make your event memorable!

    Roaming Bands are available in a range of sizes, and plenty of different music styles to suit your event! For instance, The Hot Dogs deliver pop and dance covers in a New Orleans street flair, while Beato Burrito add a Mariachi twist to a repertoire of popular songs.

    A Roaming Band promises a fun, intimate, and unique experience. They are uniquely able to get in amongst your guests and create intimate mini performances throughout your event space. This adds a particularly immersive element to your event. They excel at engaging an audience in an interactive way by moving around the venue, mingling, and even taking song requests!

    What sets The Stray Horns apart is their ability to accommodate crowd requests and tailoring their sets to perfectly suit the occasion. Whether it’s a classic jazz standard or a contemporary pop hit, they are always up for the challenge and love nothing more than seeing a crowd come to life.

    Roaming Band - Beato Burrito, The Stray Horns. The Hot Dogs, Beato Burrito

    Mobile and Versatile

    Ditch the cables and PA systems – Roaming Bands are your incredibly compact choice solution for your next event. These versatile ensembles provide exceptional mobility with their simple setup. They can effortlessly journey around your venue or between different stages with little hassle and no wires attached! They are particularly practical for large event spaces or outdoor settings, ensuring live music is readily available wherever you desire!

    These bands showcase remarkable versatility, making them an ideal choice for a range of event types and venue spaces. They can adapt their performance to both indoor and outdoor spaces – large or small! They will make your corporate events unforgettable, with Beato Burrito even singling out a team member for special attention! Additionally, they are the perfect fit for weddings, street fairs, and festivals.

    Many Roaming Bands go the extra mile, not only customising their set list to match your event but also adapting their visual appearance. A fantastic example is The SkiBand, who are available to perform in many different themes to fit Christmas events, Food Festivals, Summer Festivals, and much more!

    Roaming Band The SkiBand

    Get in touch with us to find the perfect Roaming Band for your upcoming event! Call 01253 351100 today.

  5. Why Hire a Snow Machine this Christmas

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    Make your Christmas events even more special this year and hire a Snow Machine! From creating an authentic indoor Winter Wonderland to enhancing your Christmas Light Switch-on. Our Snow Machines and Technicians can create beautiful Snow Effects for any event!

    So, why hire a Snow Machine this Christmas?

    Create the Perfect Winter Wonderland

    The most effective way to transform your event venue into a Winter Wonderland is with SNOW! A Snow Machine will help you to create a magical winter atmosphere. From a gentle snowfall to a blizzard, our skilled Snow Technicians create a range of effects. Enhance your Winter Wonderland with our wintry Props, festive performers, or even a Giant Snow Globe!

    Snow Machine

    No Need to Rely on the Weather!

    With a Snow Machine, you can guarantee a picture-perfect White Christmas. There’s no need to rely on unpredictable weather conditions, you can have a beautiful snowfall regardless of the forecast. Our Snow Machines create such a realistic impression of falling or settled snow your guests will feel the magic of a true white Christmas.

    Safe Snowfall

    Unlike natural snow, our Snow Machines produce precisely controlled and safe artificial snowfall. You don’t need to worry about slippery surfaces or the arduous task of shovelling away snow afterwards. This makes Snow Machines a convenient and versatile option for indoor and outdoor use. For indoor events, we create a finer and fast-drying snow effect, prioritising safety and minimising clean-up, leaving you with a hassle-free experience!

    A Range of Snow Effects

    Our skilled Snow Technicians will create different effects depending on your requirements. Outdoors, where you may want a thicker snow effect, we can create an accumulation of snow. A combination of different strengths of artificial snow will deliver exactly the effect you need. Alongside a beautiful snowfall, we can enhance your event with snow flocking on window ledges, trees, plants, and more, to create a complete Winter scene. Our Snow Machines add a layer of authenticity to your Christmas events.

    Snow Machine

    Photo Opportunities

    A Snow Machine is a unique and unforgettable addition to your festivities! The photo opportunities it provides create lasting memories. The snowfall provides a beautiful backdrop for Christmas photos, helping you capture the event!

    Fun For All Ages!

    Children and adults alike love playing in the snow. A Snow Machine provides hours of entertainment, allowing for snowball fights, snow angel creating, and other winter activities!

  6. Winter Wonderland at The Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

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    We were delighted to support our client with their 2022 Christmas entertainment, creating a beautiful Winter Wonderland!

    The Brief

    Our client approached us for assistance in creating a magical Christmas experience for their visitors. Their objective was to provide an immersive and interactive Christmas experience tailored to families during the festive season.

    The Challenges

    Our project entailed an extended installation, occupying a large space in the venue for the duration of a month. Meeting all our client’s requirements was our top priority. We upheld this commitment from the beginning of the creative process to the actual installation of the Winter Wonderland.

    Our client has an incredible team of volunteers who were dedicated to enhancing the event – including none other than Father Christmas himself! Coordinating our performers on a precise schedule was crucial to ensuring the smooth-running of the event – and avoiding any disruptions to the Christmas magic!

    Additionally, we faced the challenge of crafting a script for our performers. It needed to be engaging and provide an immersive and magical experience for all attendees.

    The Solutions

    During the creative process of designing the perfect installation, we conducted a site visit to establish the restrictions and possibilities of the venue. We generated a wealth of imaginative ideas, complete with concept images and detailed proposals. This proactive approach instilled confidence in our client and provided them with a vivid understanding of the envisioned outcome.

    We participated in a series of creative meetings to ensure we were aligned with our client’s ideas for the event. These meetings allowed us to fine-tune our concepts, ensuring they resonated with our client’s objectives and vision.

    To ensure the seamless execution of the event, maintaining clear and effective communication between our performers and our client’s volunteers was important. This would be a fantastic opportunity to collaborate to create Christmas magic! We prioritised the establishment of strong relationships and building a rapport that instilled confidence in our client, the volunteers, and our performers.

    We submitted our script for approval, and remained open to their feedback, readily implementing any necessary adjustments.

    The Results

    We created a magical Winter Wonderland at The Keighley and Worth Railway! Our enchanting Winter Wonderland trail installation, and mischievous elf performers, created a magical Christmas experience for families visiting the railway.

    Between the 24th of November and 26th of December 2022, The Keighley and Worth Railway exhibition shed was transformed into a stunning Winter Wonderland Trail. Families were guided by our elf performers to embark upon a festive rail journey.

    winter wonderland

    We worked our venue dressing magic within the venue’s exhibition shed, transforming the space into a Winter Wonderland! We used white camouflage netting, snowstorm draping, artificial snow flocking, and an array of wintry props. These included flying reindeer, a moose, flocked Christmas trees, and charming woodland animals.

    winter wonderland

    Upon arrival, families were guided through our Winter Wonderland by our performers to find hidden golden tickets for their admission to the Elf Explorer. This was a festive journey upon a beautiful steam train. Families would then enjoy a theatrical journey complete with performances by our elf characters. Father Christmas himself joined the journey, and distributed gifts to children.

    winter wonderland

    Our installation garnered fantastic feedback from guests! The success of the month-long event led our client to eagerly rebook for 2023, and we are determined to make this year’s event even more special. Our Winter Wonderland trail will be expanded to include a spectacular Santa’s Workshop, promising an even more magical experience. We are excited to spread the joy of Christmas once again at The Keighley and Worth Railway in Christmas 2023.

  7. Last Orders – The Pub Choir Endorsed by Mr Porky!

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    We have big (pig!) news… It’s official – Last Orders – The Pub Choir are officially endorsed by Mr Porky Pork Scratchings. This incredible endorsement allows Last Orders to give away pork scratchings galore, nationwide at their shows.

    For those who have seen the show, you will have seen Devvers pouring his heart out singing Extreme’s ‘More Than Words’ – channelling his love towards the classic pub snack.

    Last Orders – The Pub Choir brings a good old-fashioned knees-up right up to date! This completely unique and immersive show invites the audience to sing-a-long to foot-stomping anthems whilst their onstage chemistry, choreography and antics will deliver laughs, cheers, and whoops of delight! Featuring six stupendously talented vocalists, stage props and surprises, this is more than just good music – this is a SHOW!

  8. Planning a Soul Music Festival with Venue16

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    Big Foot Events were thrilled to work with our client to create a one-day soul and funk music festival.

    The Brief

    Our client reached out to us for support in organising their biggest event of the year – a summer music festival. They wanted to curate an incredible line-up of renowned funk and soul musicians. They hoped to captivate a local crowd and also draw in visitors from further afield. With aspirations of hosting a large-scale event, they were determined to ensure a high volume of ticket sales. They sought our live music expertise and event planning experience to assist with bringing their event to life!

    The Challenges

    Our client had allocated a substantial budget for this event from their entertainment calendar. Our goal was to guide them towards securing extraordinary acts that would not only deliver exceptional performances, but also align with their budgetary constraints. In orchestrating this high-budget event, we understood expectations ran high – from the client themselves, to the artists, and, ultimately, to the customers. Our client had specific performers in mind, and we sourced gifted artists who could fit within the allocated budget. Our primary objective was to create an offering that would resonate with our client’s core audience. This would ensure robust ticket sales and a memorable event. Instead of just featuring a single act, we aimed to craft a sensational line-up of performers to appeal to a range of guests. We aimed to keep the summer vibes going all evening!

    Given that the chosen acts were high-profile performers, each with their own unique requirements, meticulous event management was essential. Once the performers were selected and contracted, our next task was the marketing strategy. Our goal was to not only sell tickets but also create excitement and anticipation surrounding the event.

    The Solutions

    At Big Foot Events, our events team possesses an impressive expertise in live music. With an extensive roster of talented artists at our disposal, we excel at selecting the ideal acts to elevate our client’s events. Our team’s wealth of experience equips us with an in-depth understanding of our chosen artists and their specific needs. This allows us to expertly curate line-ups that not only meet, but exceed our clients’ expectations. This sets the stage to guarantee their event’s success.

    To drive ticket sales, we implemented a collaborative marketing strategy. There was active involvement from our team, our client, and the performers themselves, working together to maximise ticket sales. Our client played a pivotal role in promoting the event, using their resources to generate buzz and anticipation. The artists actively collaborated with us by reaching out to their fan bases. They recorded personalised videos, engaged with their followers on social media, and worked hand in hand with us to enhance the event’s visibility.

    The Results

    On the 8th of July 2023, Venue16 hosted Check Out The Groove: Summer Soul Vibes. This extraordinary event was a perfect celebration of music, dance, and the vibrant summer season.

    We designed a fantastic line-up of some of the most prominent names in funk and soul. The stage came alive with performances by renowned artists such as Jaki Graham, Loose Ends, Odyssey, and the incomparable Craig Charles. This combination of talents ensured an unforgettable celebration of soulful rhythms and groovy vibes that left the audience captivated and dancing all evening!

    Our client received some fantastic feedback from happy guests on social media:

    ‘Had a fab time, so well organised thank you’ juliet_f66

    ‘Brilliant day/night… good to hear the classic old skool tunes… such a well organised local event… more please’ allibabba1

    ‘Really enjoyed it! Thank you! Hope to be back again soon!’ michelle_harryman

    ‘Was such a brilliant event – thanks so much for putting on such a show for Ipswich we loved it’ shazna71

    We are thrilled to be working with Venue16 on their next summer music festival, Summer Soul Vibes – back for 2024 and bigger than ever!

  9. Educational Entertainment Ideas for Back to School!

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    It’s back to school this week! But that doesn’t mean the summer holiday fun has to end. Strike a balance between school and cool with our exciting and educational entertainment options this September! Educational entertainment is a great way to engage your young guests in learning while keeping them thoroughly entertained. Foster a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.

    Prepare for a lesson in educational entertainment from the team at Big Foot Events!


    Our planet is wild, wonderful, and incredible. From animals to plant life, we have activities to captivate audiences of all ages and create a hands-on learning experience with our biology-based entertainment.

    Your guests can learn about botany, ecology, and sustainability while growing their own produce at our Gardening Club and gardening-based Workshops. Participating children will learn fun facts about plants and gain new gardening skills. They will leave the Workshop with their very own seedling, ready to watch it grow at home.

    Go wild with our incredible animal walkabout acts. These fascinating performers offer close-up encounters with our planet’s wildlife and educate children on how to protect their environments. Our remarkable performers include Borneo Again, the Whale, and Zelva the Giant Tortoise. Or, for a truly hands-on experience, our expert Animal Roadshow keepers will guide your guests in handling reptiles, small mammals, insects, and birds, while providing valuable insights into their natural habitats.


    Our space-themed educational entertainment is out of this world!

    Inside our immersive planetarium dome and VR experience, the audience will embark on an incredible journey through space. They can explore the vast expanse of space from your venue. This mobile planetarium provides a 360-degree cinematic experience, enabling the audience to engage with science in a fun and interactive way!

    For young space enthusiasts, we provide astronaut food tasting, hands-on meteorite handling, and engaging science quizzes to ignite their curiosity and knowledge. And don’t miss the opportunity for your guests to command mini remote-control Mars Rovers across a micro-Mars landscape.

    For larger venues, lead your guests on an intergalactic adventure through our Space Trail featuring high-quality space and alien-themed props. It’s a cosmic voyage like no other!


    Our Mobile Cave is an incredible way of bringing geography to life! Your guests can experience caving in a controlled and safe environment. This indoor adventure contains twists, turns, stalagmites and stalactites, fossils, with sound effects and lighting. It is educational, inspirational, and exciting.


    When we say learning history, we mean the Mesozoic era! Step into a prehistoric world with our dinosaur-themed educational entertainment.

    Our Fossil Workshops offer a fascinating insight into the past, featuring genuine and replica dinosaur fossils. Guests can also participate in a hands-on Dinosaur Dig Site experience. They can unleash their inner palaeontologist and unearth prehistoric fossils.

    Bring history to life in a BIG way with the thrill of our walking dinosaurs! Our aim is to encourage discovery, inspire creative writing, and create awareness of prehistoric life by making learning fun and entertaining! Guests can encounter a mesmerizing array of dinosaurs, spanning various breeds and sizes, all brought to life through captivating performances. Meet our huge T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Raptor, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus, and adorable Baby Dinosaurs! Our team of expert Dinosaur Rangers will fascinate with fascinating tales about their prehistoric companions.

    For those looking to take their dino knowledge to the next level, our Ranger Training Camp offers the opportunity to qualify as a ranger yourself. Or, visit Dr Bones in her hatchery to gain insights into the delicate art of caring for newborn dinosaurs.

    And prepare to step back in time within our immersive Dinosaur Dome, where the prehistoric world comes alive before your eyes.

    educational entertainment


    Step beyond the bookshelf and enter the realms of your cherished stories! Immerse yourself in the magical world of your favourite fictional characters with our educational meet-and-greet opportunities, engaging activities, and inspiring workshops.

    Our entertainment collection includes props, characters, and creatures from both timeless classics and contemporary favourites. You can even try your hand at crafting your own short story or pay a visit to your beloved characters for an enthralling story time session.

    Host an enchanting children’s story time in The Shed of Stories or with our interactive character actors. Get creative with our craft-and-go workshops, where you can design your very own crowns fit for royalty. Embark on adventures with pirates and mermaids, sing along with princesses, and enjoy captivating puppet shows or pantomimes. It’s a world of imagination brought to life!

    educational entertainment
  10. Themed Trail Ideas: Seasonal Entertainment All Year!

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    A Themed Trail is a fun and engaging experience for visitors of all ages!

    Designed as a site-wide scavenger hunt, a Themed Trail is an interactive experience that directs visitors around your venue, driving footfall and targeting key areas. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the challenge of following a map, finding the clues, and solving the Themed Trail puzzle. Each high-quality prop on the Trail provides a fantastic photo opportunity – be it a summery snap or a festive selfie.

    Our Themed Trails are a fantastic installation choice year round! Here are a few of our favourite seasonal ideas:

    Spring Themed Trail

    Let your entertainment bloom to life with our Spring Themed Trail options, fitting perfectly into your spring entertainment.

    Spring is the season of new life, warmer weather, lighter evenings, and Easter! Your venue will blossom with our beautiful Flower Trail. With new blooms to be found around the trail, your guests can enjoy ‘picking’ flowers such as tulips, sunflowers, and daisies from our bouquet of props. We can also add adorable Farm Animal Props to this Spring Trail, such as newborn lambs or calves.

    Our Trails also make the perfect addition to your Easter events! Our popular Easter Themed Trail brings an Easter Egg Hunt to life in BIG way. This Giant Easter Egg Trail consists of ten multicoloured Easter Egg Props with a riddle to solve. This is an egg-citing way to increase dwell time and invite customers to explore a shopping centre complex! One of our clients for 2022 chose to spell out the word ‘Easter’.

    themed trail

    Halloween Themed Trail

    A Themed Trail is a unique, interactive addition to your Halloween celebrations. Our Trails for Halloween include Skeletons, Pumpkins, Dinosaurs, Candy, and much more! All these different prop themes can be combined to create an overall spooky trail!

    themed trail

    Christmas Themed Trail

    We have a range of festive Christmas Themed Trail ideas, adding a magical touch to your Christmas entertainment.

    Add a dash of sweetness to your event with our Gingerbread Trail! This Trail includes a family of Gingerbread Props, a Gingerbread House, and Sleigh. Some of our other Christmas-themed Trails include a Snowman Trail, Nutcracker Trail, or a Present Trail

    themed trail

    For fantastic Themed Trail ideas for all year round, see more ideas here.


  • Just a quick one to say how amazing everything went at our function thanks to Big Foot Events! From the very beginning they were extremely helpful and made sure everything was looked after without giving me too much hassle either! The Photo Booth, Candy Floss Cart and Popcorn Cart were all fantastic and a great hit with all of our family and friends and the staff running them were absolutely amazing! They were all set up and ready to go well before the event started and made sure they were always helpful! So a massive thank you to you all!

    Megan Chungh – Park Hotel, Newcastle
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for being a part of our snapdragon festival this year. Once again Rex was a massive hit and the children and adults loved him. The two members of staff that came to the event were very professional and catered to any requests we had.

    Amy Casey – Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
  • We absolutely love having Noughty 90’s here, such lovely people and amazing sets! They had everyone up and dancing on the dance floor.

    George – Golden Sands Holiday Park
  • It was absolutely incredible, I cannot thank you guys enough for how amazing it all was. The Ranger and Rex were outstanding, every single guest loved them to pieces and we certainly had the wow factor for our wedding. Just the idea of having a dinosaur is one thing, but the way Rex, Trixxie and the Ranger worked tirelessly to entertain the entire wedding party just added to the overall effect. We've had non-stop comments from those who attended saying it was pure magic, videos of the experience have gone viral and we even had guests from the hotel desperate to catch a glimpse of Rex. I cannot overstate how incredible you all have been, from the day a weirdo messaged Lauren asking for a dinosaur at their wedding, to speaking with Jade to coordinate everything and then finally meeting Rex and the Ranger on the big day. Everything worked out a million times better than I ever thought possible, and my dad was very pleased to see Rex was appropriately dressed with his bow tie. Amazing, amazing, amazing, thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

    Mr & Mrs Pravitt – Private Wedding, Stoke On Trent
  • Both acts went down a storm at the weekend. Really pleased with everything! Madonna did all the hits and even included some iconic costume changes! She had the audience up Voguing at the front! ABBA Fever had the crowd on their feet from the start and would be a worthy headliner in the future.

    Andrew Edmeads – Frimley Lodge, Surrey
  • The evening on Saturday was wonderful, Planet Abba we're superb and also so welcoming to the audience. As you know this is the 3rd year in a row I have used your agency and as always you have given me a wonderful evening, thank you.

    Barry Herridge – Ely Beet Sports & Social Club


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