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  1. Four Frightfully Good Halloween Event Themes

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    When it comes to Halloween Party Planning, it’s all too easy to end up in a fake-blood and white-bedsheet rut. This is why you should pick an exciting theme for your event! The perfect theme will transform your event from average to unfortgettable.

    You could take the conventional fright-night approach and add an extra scare, or pick ‘n’ mix it up with something a little sweeter! Big Foot Events can provide the perfect themed entertainment, venue dressing, props, and ideas to make your themed Halloween Event a spook-tacular night!

    1. Twisted Fairy Tales

    Don’t be late planning this important date! Fall down the rabbit hole into the sinister side of Alice in Wonderland

    Transform your venue into an uncanny Wonderland with surreal, eccentric, and oversized props. Include themed catering with an ‘Eat Me’ Tea Party Buffet and Flair Bartenders dressed as playing cards mixing up ‘Drink Me’ cocktails.

    Your guests can make an entrance with Meet and Greet Performers such as Clock Heads and Bouncy White Rabbit Stilts, and characters joining the crowd such as a Terrible Queen of Hearts or Delirious Mad Hatter.

    2. Freak Show

    Roll up, roll up to the freakiest show in town. A Freak Show Themed Event embraces the scary side of Halloween – but that doesn’t mean it has to be predictable.

    Host your event inside a Circus Big Top Tent with themed Circus Props, Funfair Side Stalls, and Carnival Fun and Games. Create an immersive spectacle with a freaky Circus line-up of Contortionists and Aerial Performers, Meet and Greet Clown Stilt Walkers, mesmerising Illusionists, Fire Breathers, Meet-and-Freak Characters, and Carnival Oddities! Include a Fortune Teller table with Crystal Balls and Tarot Cards to add a mystical aura to your event.

    Sit on the edge of your seat and enjoy the show!

    3. A Killer Menu

    Trick or Treating is a quintessential part of modern Halloween celebrations – so why not host a Trick or Treat Themed Event?

    We’ve got a trick up our sleeve with a Murder Mystery Dinner Party! Take themed catering to a whole new level and host a classy party with a deadly twist. With a variety of plots and themes for your Murder Mystery, be fully immersed in the scene with theatrical entertainment, character actors mingling with guests to solve the crime, an absolutely killer menu, and the opportunity to dress up for a 20s dinner in the Jazz Age or a Masquerade where you uncover the masked killer! Fancy dress is perfect for photo opportunities and will make your event unforgettable!

    Or take the sweeter route with a Pick ‘n’ Mix theme with Candy Girl Canapé Hostesses, themed Sweetie Props, and a range of Treats from Themed Food Carts.

    4. Enchanted Forest

    If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise! An Enchanted Forest theme can combine the eerie and the mystic all in one!

    Mythical creatures can roam your venue such as the smoke-breathing, interactive walkabout Dragon, Dreygo, who can be accompanied by a Merlin-style Wizard or Mischievous Fairy Performer, or even Spyro the Baby Dragon!

    Create a living forest with Themed Performers such as Forest Garden Stilt Walkers, Giant Tree Stilt Walkers, or an Enchanted Flower Globe.

    For a spookier event, transform your Enchanted Forest into Harry Potter’s ‘Forbidden Forest’ with eerie lighting and special effects, Magicians and Illusionists, Harry Potter Meet and Greet Lookalikes, and themed workshops such as Make a Spell Book, Potions Class, or Make a Wand.

  2. Father’s Day 2021

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    With Father’s Day right around the corner, and Covid-19 restrictions slowly easing, you can make up for the lack of celebration last year (due to the coronavirus) by making this year’s Father’s Day extra special!

    If this past year has taught us anything, it is realising the importance of family. Not being able to see or interact with family members due to the coronavirus has been incredibly difficult – especially on special occasions like this one. Last year, a facetime call or a 2-metre virtual hug was all we could offer up as a present. However, with restrictions slowly easing and a roadmap to normality in place, we can officially meet up, socialise, and enjoy one another’s company. We think that after the year we have had, all any father wants right now is to spend time with their loved ones.

    Which is why we have listed three simple ways you can make the most of Father’s Day this year.


    Not to be stereotypical – although we are going to be just that. It’s a known fact that dads just love Barbeques! As soon as it bypasses 10 degrees, shorts are on, drinks are in hand, and burgers are sizzling. It’s literally apart of British culture! And with restrictions allowing groups of six together in private gardens, you really can’t go wrong with a family barbeque this Father’s Day. Just make sure you get the beers in!

    Breakfast in bed

    If there’s one thing that dads rarely get to enjoy, it’s a lie in! And for most people, it’s the little gestures that matter the most. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make someone feel special. Many people have been rushed off their feet these past few weeks as the hype of businesses reopening is in full swing. And if your dad is one of them people, we guarantee he would love nothing more than to be treated to his favourite breakfast whilst having a much-needed morning rest.

    Enjoy a hobby

    Spending quality time with loved ones is important now more than ever. There’s something special in watching and listening to someone partake in an activity they love doing. And there is something even more special about someone taking an interest in an activity that you love doing. Whether it’s a round of golf or fishing, dedicate Father’s Day to doing something you know your dad truly loves.


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    The roadmap to normality is finally in place, and as we begin to ease our way out of lockdown and return to regular life, we find ourselves already making exciting future plans. And who can blame us? We’ve spent the last year unable to socialise, explore or have any fun. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, the coronavirus isn’t magically going away just because restrictions are being lifted, so it’s still important to keep safe whilst being social.

    Since Boris Johnson announced the news that all restrictions will be lifted completely from the 21st of June, the events industry has skyrocketed to new levels thanks to the tremendous increase in party and event bookings. In other words, we’re ecstatic to be back planning wonderful celebrations again!

    Now, getting back to the reason for this blog post, we know that you’re just itching to throw the ultimate post lockdown party. But planning a successful event is difficult for professional party planners at times, and even more so due to this past 12-month hiatus.

    Like we mentioned earlier, the substantial increase in party bookings means that the competition is going to be fierce. Not to mention all of the logistics that goes into planning a party – finding a venue, catering, entertaining, and budgeting. Juggle all of that on top of abiding by current guidelines and you could seriously end up with a failure of an event.

    If you can put your party vision in the hands of someone who can bring your concept to life whilst handling all the potential nightmare behind-the-scenes and administration, why wouldn’t you hire a party planner? More specifically, why wouldn’t you hire reportable party planner – Big Foot Events.

    With over 15 years’ experience in the events industry, collaborating with world-class industry leaders, and generating invaluable contacts nationwide, we’ve got the skills, know-how, and above all passion to turn your event from great to spectacular.

    We have an amazing relationship with a multitude of venues, suppliers, and world-class acts all over the UK. Which means we can offer you the most in-demand venues, showstopping live-entertainment and impressive party accessories and extras that make all the difference in your personalised event package.

    We always go above and beyond when it comes to creating unforgettable experiences for our clients.


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    • Big Foot Events is among more than 2,700 recipients to benefit from the latest round of awards from the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund 
    • This award will enable Big Foot Events to continue sourcing and providing extraordinary Live Entertainment and Themed Events as well as begin touring the Jurassic Earth Theatre Show!

    Big Foot Events are thrilled to receive a grant from the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund to help the organisation recover and reopen. 

    More than £300 million has been awarded to thousands of cultural organisations across the country including Big Foot Events in the latest round of support from the Culture Recovery Fund, the Culture Secretary announced today.

    This grant will enable Big Foot’s Event Team to return to work full-time, and continue to produce spectacular events, support incredible artists, and introduce new talent to the UK. It also means we can begin planning for 2021 and 2022 Events and a Jurassic Earth Theatre Tour!

    Established 2005, Big Foot Events is an Entertainment & Events Company divided into 3 Key Areas:

    • Management of Live Bands and Acts, responsible for supplying work to multiple Live Bands, Acts and Celebrities throughout the UK. Providing extraordinary, unique Artistes, as well as Props, Event Equipment and Interactive Games for Themed Events.
    • Dinosaurs & Jurassic Earth: Our brand ‘Hire Dinosaurs’ is the leading ‘go-to’ company for Dinosaur Themed Days, Events, Education, Activities & Theatre Show: “Jurassic Earth”. Their Dinosaurs have appeared on Dancing On Ice, Don’t Tell The Bride, Secret Lives of 4 Year Olds and many other TV shows. They also appear regularly at Celebrity Birthday Parties!
    • Workshops & Specialised Events: Big Foot Events develop and create bespoke Workshops & Themed Events for Shopping Centres, Corporate bodies, Council BID Event, Communities and Resorts: These range from Wellbeing & Mindfulness Workshops to Superheroes, Crafts, Fairy-tale, Magic and Circus Themes.

    Over £800 million in grants and loans has already been awarded to support almost 3,800 cinemas, performance venues, museums, heritage sites and other cultural organisations dealing with the immediate challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The second round of awards made today will help organisations to look ahead to the spring and summer and plan for reopening and recovery. After months of closures and cancellations to contain the virus and save lives, this funding will be a much-needed helping hand for organisations transitioning back to normal in the months ahead. 

    Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, said:

    “Our record breaking Culture Recovery Fund has already helped thousands of culture and heritage organisations across the country survive the biggest crisis they’ve ever faced.

    Now we’re staying by their side as they prepare to welcome the public back through their doors – helping our cultural gems plan for reopening and thrive in the better times ahead.”

    Erica Crompton, Director of Big Foot Events, which encompasses Hire Dinosaurs and Snow Control, said: “We are thrilled to be recognised as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Live Entertainment and Themed Events and extremely grateful to have received funding.

    We pride ourselves on our reputation and our team are passionate about delivering extraordinary events – we can’t wait to be back in full swing creating amazing and showstopping events all over the UK! We have one of the most diverse rosters in the UK, providing award-winning live bands, artistes and celebrities, as well as themed props, productions and creative installations. Throughout lockdown, we continued to develop Socially Distanced shows and workshops and worked on Virtual Events, as well as creating an innovative new Dinosaur Theatre Show, ‘Jurassic Earth’ which opened at Blackpool Opera House Winter Gardens in October last year and following 9 successful sell-out shows is back again this year!”

    Tickets for Jurassic Earth are available here:

    Sir Nicholas Serota, Chair, Arts Council England, said:

    “Investing in a thriving cultural sector at the heart of communities is a vital part of helping the whole country to recover from the pandemic. These grants will help to re-open theatres, concert halls, and museums and will give artists and companies the opportunity to begin making new work. 

    We are grateful to the Government for this support and for recognising the paramount importance of culture to our sense of belonging and identity as individuals and as a society.”

    The funding awarded today is from a £400 million pot which was held back last year to ensure the Culture Recovery Fund could continue to help organisations in need as the public health picture changed. The funding has been awarded by Arts Council England, as well as Historic England and National Lottery Heritage Fund and the British Film Institute. 


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    Before you ask, our Dinosaurs haven’t taken up a new hobby ice-skating, or even dancing – although, after last night’s appearance on the hit ITV Show ‘DANCING ON ICE’, we think it could be a great career change!

    That’s right, our lovable Richie made his ITV debut, alongside Zeus – Europe’s largest T Rex! With teeth sharpened, claws trimmed, and scales polished, Richie and Zeus looked fierce as they stormed the set of ‘Dancing On Ice’ and co-presented last night’s show alongside Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield!

    During rehearsals, Holly screamed and ran off the set when our Raptor approached her, leaving Phil in tears of laughter! Her reaction was similar during the Live Shows resulting in a steam of hilarious Twitter reactions!

    The theme of this week’s episode was ‘Movie Week’ and required a performance and routine to a soundtrack from one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Of course, with Jurassic Park being one of the biggest film franchises in not only Hollywood, but the entire world, Richie and Zeus were invited on to the show to help introduce music artiste Lady Leshurr and her Jurassic inspired routine. 

    Whilst Ashley Banjo was critiquing their performance, our Raptor sneaked up on him, causing chaos on the judging panel!

    Quite literally, it was a Dinosaur Take Over!

    Whilst Holly and Ashley were initially petrified of Richie, we’re certain they both fell in love with him by the end of the show…. and it did make for some hilarious TV entertainment!

    With rave reviews from Dancing on Ice viewers and Holly Willoughby herself, it’s obvious that Richie warmed the hearts of not only the cast and crew, but also the viewers at home. With his cheeky, bubbly, and dare we say mischievous personality shining throughout the entire show, we think that our lovable dinosaur was the star of the show – and we’re not the only ones!

    Sharing a snippet of Richie on the show caused a thunderstorm of comments from Twitter users:

    ‘Forget the ice dancing, Holly freaking out at the dinosaur was the highlight of the show!’ one Twitter user said.

    ‘Holly and that dinosaur has made this whole series worth it,’ another Twitter user said.

    ‘This video really cheered me up. my daughter loved the dinosaur on dancing on ice yesterday. she wishes she could have it as a pet’ another Twitter user said.

    ‘I’m voting for the dinosaurs – the best part of the show!’ Said another.

    ‘Omg this is brilliant, I’m rolling on the floor with tears of joy It was so funny last night. Love how the dinosaur puts its head on top of @Schofe’s head!’ Debbie Hughes from Twitter said.

    ‘Brilliant our grandson will love it he knows all the dinosaur names he is obsessed’ another Twitter user said.

    ‘This is brilliant. We were laughing so much we cried’ Sarah Spencer on Twitter said.

    If you want to hire Richie Raptor, Zeus T Rex, or any of our Dinosaurs for your events then give us a call on 01253 351 100.

  6. WE’RE GOOD TO GO! Covid-19 Safety Certified.

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    We’re pleased to announce that Big Foot Events are ‘Good To Go’ and have secured the COVID-19 Industry Standard and Consumer Mark.

    Big Foot Events’ Artistes, Operators and Event Staff adhere to all Government and Public Health Guidance in correlation with Covid 19, so you can rest assured that your event is in safe hands.

    We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we have clear, simple and effective processes and procedures in place to abide by COVID-19 Safety Standards. After extensive research, and guidance from Public Health England, we now have COVID-19 Risk Assessments in place for all our events.

    We’re excited for the future and are extremely proud to give our clients complete confidence when booking live entertainment and events with us during the current pandemic.

  7. Give The Gift Of Experiences This Christmas

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    If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that experiences trump any kind of materialist item. We’re currently in a pandemic that has restricted us from spending quality time with friends and family, celebrating special occasions, travelling the world, and enjoying Festivals, Theatre and other live entertainment venues. This has made cherishing, appreciating, and reminiscing on fond memories all the more special!

    Experiences are gifts that keep on giving. Whether it’s a fancy meal, theatre show, luxury holiday or simply a fun and unique day out, it’s an experience that people will remember forever, making it priceless when it comes to the perfect gift! And that’s why Big Foot Events have put together a list of noteworthy, unique, and affordable experiences that you can gift to someone this Christmas!

    The Gift Of Attending A Gig, Festival, Concert, or Musical

    We all know that aside from food, music is the key to our hearts. There’s no better feeling than dancing the night away with your favourite band or belting your heart out with your favourite singer. It’s an experience you will remember forever, creating amazing memories that will bring you back to that exact moment every time you hear a certain song. Whether it’s Tickets for a Family Festival such as Sunshine Festival and Mello Festival to see Star Names such as James Blunt, Joss Stone, Swing Out Sister, Wet Wet Wet, or booking a themed weekend away at Butlins to see their favourite Live Band, or and grown-up weekend at one of the stunning, historical Warner Hotels to watch our incredible Tributes and Party Bands. Gifting someone with incredible music is an experience worth remembering!

    The Gift Of Learning A New Skill

    Whether your loved one has always wanted to learn a particular skill and never had time or is now getting the chance to deeply explore something in their wheelhouse of interests. Covid-19 has allowed people to now have free time to explore new things and develop their skills. Whether it’s a live cooking session with a private chef, a one-to-one dance lesson with a professional performer, a music masterclass with a talented and experienced musician, or even something as wacky as a Circus workshop. Experiences that include learning are highly engaging and something that will last a lifetime.

    The Gift Of Attending A Live Theatre Show

    Jurassic Earth Theatre Show

    The incredible atmosphere, nail-biting anticipation, plenty of audience anticipation. Who doesn’t love the theatre? From an elegant, classy, black tie affair to an energetic, lively, family-friendly evening, a night at the Theatre is enjoyable for everyone! Whether it’s a nostalgic fairy-tale, an intense thriller, or a unique, immersive, interactive, 90 minute Jurassic Earth theatre show that combines gigantic animatronic Dinosaurs, exciting performances, impressive photo opportunities and one-of-a-kind meet and greet encounters with a variety of life-like walking Dinosaurs. A theatre show is the perfect experience to gift to someone this Christmas.

    Bring The Experience To You

    Hire a Snow Globe
    Snow Globe

    Find it hard each year to find a gift that will actually make someone surprised? Want someone to actually love what you get them, instead of false appreciation? Don’t want to risk booking a day out or anything that involves travel due to the current pandemic? Why not bring the experience to your loved ones doorstep? You can hire a giant, inflatable, walk-in Snow Globe this Christmas, filled with fake snow, Reindeers, and even a Snowman. Making Christmas extra magical this year! Know someone who is a Dinosaur fanatic? Hire a gigantic, animatronic, life-like, walking Dinosaur for an immersive and fiery meet and greet session in their own front garden! How about a visit from a Disney Princess, who will dance and sing with your children for a magical experience.

    The Gift Of Attending Events

    Book a Wedding Party Band

    Attending events is what people love to do. In fact, it’s fair to say that we find every excuse to dress up and go out. And with recent events, we’re all craving that ecstatic feeling you get when going to a party or function. Whether it’s a glamourous Masquerade Ball, a festive Christmas Party, an intense Murder Mystery evening, Wedding, or just simply, a Birthday bash. It can be a physical event or a Virtual Event – if it’s in the diary it’s an event! The excitement of the run up to the event, as well as the inflated feeling you get after the event is almost better than the event itself. Making an invite to, well, just about any special occasion a great Christmas gift!

    Whatever experience you decide to gift, we guarantee your loved ones will love and appreciate it forever. Experiences make memories and memories are the only true thing we have worth cherishing!

  8. Jurassic Earth was a ROARING success!

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    Hundreds of Dinosaur-crazed families flocked to the Winter Gardens Blackpool last weekend for the world’s first socially distanced Dinosaur themed theatre show – Jurassic Earth!

    This thrilling 75-minute Jurassic Adventure featured life-like dinosaurs, giant dinosaur eggs, prehistoric props, rangers and a chance to get up-close and personal with the most magnificent beasts to ever roam our planet!

    Want to know about this roartastic event? Read the full article here.

  9. Why is picking the right music crucial to the success of an event?

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    Here’s why.

    When applying for a job, a business or personal loan, a visa or simply applying for anything in general, how you sound is an extremely important factor of whether or not that application is successful, right? Well, why should event management be any different? Music can make or break an event. Misread the atmosphere in the room and your event will quickly become a flop. Music can be used to set the mood, tone, and atmosphere of an event, as well as be a form of entertainment, get that wrong and you’ll end up sending guests running! Which is why Big Foot Events have put together three things to consider when deciding on what type of music to play at your event. 

    1. Know Your Guests

    Ask yourself this, who is going to be attending? Is it a lively, feel-good group of friends and family, or a hand-picked selection of business professionals? This is an important question to ask yourself before planning any event, why? Well, it’s likely that your family and friends aren’t going to be in the party mood whilst listening to a corporate Harpist or Jazz singer, are they? The same goes for your business associates, you’re hardly going to come across as professional if you’re playing a mash up of dubstep and cheesy 90s hits.

    • Consider the psychology of music

    We all know that music can affect your mood, it can make you feel relaxed or pumped up, depending on the type of music you’re listening to. Do you want your guests feeling happy, sad, nostalgic? Do you want music to be a main part of your event, or just a backing track to make people feel comfortable enough to socialise, but not overpower their conversations? Music is what makes people remember certain situations, so choosing the right music for your event will make people remember it in a positive light and not a dull one.

    Want to know more about how music can affect your mood? Have a read of this article all about 18 ways music can affect the brain.

    • Make sure your venue has the correct tech

    You’ve decided on the genre and type of music you want at your event, so now it’s time to make sure your venue can facilitate your chosen choice of music. The last thing you want is to get hyped up about the DJ you’ve hired to play all of those Noughty 90s hits, just for the venue to turn them down due to not having the space or tech equipment needed. If there’s going to be speeches at your event, then making sure microphones are accessible is wise, otherwise you’ll be shouting at your audience. And of course, if you’re planning on acquiring a DJ then make sure you and your guests have enough space to dance.

    In summary, you should think about who your event is for, how you want them to feel before, during and after your event, and what type of music and entertainment will fulfil those questions.

  10. Lancashire’s favourite funny-man Steve Royle juggles his way through to the Britain’s Got Talent Final!

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    One of Lancashire’s most popular comedians is the first contestant to make it through to the Final of Britain’s Got Talent 2020! Chorley-born Steve Royle, a professional comedian, writer, actor, radio host and all-round entertainer gave a royal performance on Saturday, as he left everyone tuned into the show in stiches of laughter, and also impressed all four Britain’s Got Talent celebrity judges with his hilarious routine and impressive juggling skills. We are incredibly proud to say that Steve Royle was the Judges’ choice to go through to the Final!

    Steve is no stranger to success and is a consummate professional in the world of light entertainment. In 2015 he performed 16 consecutive nights at Manchester Arena as part of the ‘Pheonix Nights’ Live shows that raised more than £5 million for Comic Relief. Speaking of Phoenix Nights, you may remember Steve from his involvement in the hit TV series ‘Car Share’ and ‘Max and Paddy’s Road to Nowhere’ – that’s right, Steve is lifelong friends with fellow Lancashire Born comedian, Peter Kay!

    As well as Peter Kay, Steve has also worked alongside fellow celebrity comedians Roy Walker, Dave Spikey and Steve Coogan. His ability to combine humour, improv and acting has made him well-known in the entertainment industry and has gained him a loyal fan base.

    If you’re from Lancashire or the surrounding areas then you probably know Steve as ‘Mad Edgar’ otherwise known as the Court Jester of Camelot where he performed his signature character at Camelot Theme Park in Charnock Richard, Chorley, for over 12 years. His character performed more than 20,000 juggling shows to children and parents who visited the theme park from all over the world!

    Following on from his ‘Mad Edgar’ days, Steve kept his passion for acting and went on to complete 17 consecutive Pantomime shows at The Grand Theatre in Blackpool, he now has over 22 completed Panto shows under his belt over his extensive career. In fact, his loyalty to the theatre resulted in him being made an honorary member of ‘The Friends Of The Grand Theatre’ in 2016 for his honourable service to the theatre. Steve has become a staple in the art of comedy acting and has made several impressive television debuts over his career including programmes such as ‘The Rob Brydon Show’, ‘A Question Of Sport’, ‘Mastermind’ and he has even appeared in over 150 episodes of ‘The Price Is Right’. Oh, and did we mention that he was also the first comic, ever, to act as a ‘warm up’ for The Royal Variety Show featuring Take That, Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow and Meatloaf?

    Although he has had a fantastic and diverse career in the entertainment industry, his first love, however, is stand-up comedy, and it’s this career path that has seen him perform all over the world: Cruises in the Mediterranean, Norwegian Fjords and the Caribbean, hotel and comedy clubs in Hong Kong, Dubai, Crete, Cyprus, Turkey, Japan and not forgetting the UK!

    As well as his stand-up, Steve is a co-founder of the ‘Slaughterhouse-Live’ character comedy group and also presents an award-winning Friday afternoon show on BBC Radio Lancashire.

    With his fabulously impressive and diverse career in the entertainment industry, his passion and love for his craft and of course the loyal fan base he has gained over his career, it’s no wonder that he was named ‘Entertainer of the Year’ at the county’s Red Rose Awards!

    We guarantee that after his Britain’s Got Talent performances, he will be THE comedian to hire for events!

    We are extremely proud and honoured to act as agents for Steve Royle and recommend you book him now before all his 2021 dates are gone due to popular demand!

    Don’t forget to VOTE FOR STEVE in the Britain’s Got Talent 2020 Final – we believe this Royle should meet the Royals at the Royal Variety Performance!


  • Just a quick one to say how amazing everything went at our function thanks to Big Foot Events! From the very beginning they were extremely helpful and made sure everything was looked after without giving me too much hassle either! The Photo Booth, Candy Floss Cart and Popcorn Cart were all fantastic and a great hit with all of our family and friends and the staff running them were absolutely amazing! They were all set up and ready to go well before the event started and made sure they were always helpful! So a massive thank you to you all!

    Megan Chungh – Park Hotel, Newcastle
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for being a part of our snapdragon festival this year. Once again Rex was a massive hit and the children and adults loved him. The two members of staff that came to the event were very professional and catered to any requests we had.

    Amy Casey – Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
  • We absolutely love having Noughty 90’s here, such lovely people and amazing sets! They had everyone up and dancing on the dance floor.

    George – Golden Sands Holiday Park
  • It was absolutely incredible, I cannot thank you guys enough for how amazing it all was. The Ranger and Rex were outstanding, every single guest loved them to pieces and we certainly had the wow factor for our wedding. Just the idea of having a dinosaur is one thing, but the way Rex, Trixxie and the Ranger worked tirelessly to entertain the entire wedding party just added to the overall effect. We've had non-stop comments from those who attended saying it was pure magic, videos of the experience have gone viral and we even had guests from the hotel desperate to catch a glimpse of Rex. I cannot overstate how incredible you all have been, from the day a weirdo messaged Lauren asking for a dinosaur at their wedding, to speaking with Jade to coordinate everything and then finally meeting Rex and the Ranger on the big day. Everything worked out a million times better than I ever thought possible, and my dad was very pleased to see Rex was appropriately dressed with his bow tie. Amazing, amazing, amazing, thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

    Mr & Mrs Pravitt – Private Wedding, Stoke On Trent
  • Both acts went down a storm at the weekend. Really pleased with everything! Madonna did all the hits and even included some iconic costume changes! She had the audience up Voguing at the front! ABBA Fever had the crowd on their feet from the start and would be a worthy headliner in the future.

    Andrew Edmeads – Frimley Lodge, Surrey
  • The evening on Saturday was wonderful, Planet Abba we're superb and also so welcoming to the audience. As you know this is the 3rd year in a row I have used your agency and as always you have given me a wonderful evening, thank you.

    Barry Herridge – Ely Beet Sports & Social Club


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