A Roaring Success for Loughborough SU’s Dinosaur Night Out!

Have you ever seen a Dinosaur in a club? On the 3rd of May 2024, Big Foot Events had the delight of collaborating with Loughborough Students’ Union to bring our Raptor to their FNDino student night out.

The Brief

Our client was hosting a Dinosaur Disco and sought to complete their guest list with a prehistoric VIP. They reached out to Big Foot Events to find the perfect party animal for their student night out, aiming to make a big impact and create a truly memorable night.

The Challenges

Our primary goal was to make the event a hit while ensuring the safety and security of our team. We needed to assess the event space to accommodate our Dinosaur, ensuring that there was a private space for breaks and appropriate roaming space. It was important to work with our client to structure the event to allow for appropriate breaks for our team and consider the late get-out time.

We focused on providing the best experience for our client and the students. This required our Dinosaur handler to interact in a light-hearted and humorous manner to complement our Raptor’s cheeky personality! We needed to keep guests entertained throughout the night with engaging prehistoric interactions and photo opportunities.

The Solutions

To overcome these challenges, we collaborated closely with our client to manage expectations and conduct thorough risk assessments, ensuring confidence for both our teams and the client. We worked together to assess the space and identify any potential risks.

In collaboration with our client, we scheduled feeding time breaks for our Raptor and Ranger handler whilst maintaining a fantastic experience for partygoers.

The Results

FNDino was a prehistorically incredible night out. Our Raptor and handler received a warm welcome and enjoyed the event just as much as the students!

Highlights of the event included a dedicated photoshoot area meet and greet experience where students could pose with our Raptor. This created unforgettable memories. We also provided exciting prehistoric interactions, entertaining guests throughout the night.

Dinosaur Disco LSU Student Night Out

We received fantastic feedback from our client who thrilled with the outcome of their event. As well as making a big impression on attendees, it generated fantastic and unique photos shared on social media.

Dinosaur DIsco Student Night Out LSU

Client Testimonial

‘Big Foot Events were a joy to work with on our project: FNDino! A student night out with a prehistoric difference! The whole team worked seamlessly together to ensure our Jurassic guest had the warmest, and safest welcome to Loughborough Students’ Union. From risk assessments to performance space requirements, everything was made really clear so that we could offer a really great experience for our students. A big thank you to all the team for their shared efforts in making sure our event was a hit! Please pass on my thanks to Kaylee; she was without a doubt the right person for the job. Her energy was perfectly matched with the students, and really enhanced the experience. An excellent choice for the gig!’