Why Choose Family Entertainment for Retail Strategy

Live Entertainment is an engaging and effective strategy to boost sales and growth in the retail sector. For modern customers, the shopping experience is as important as the products themselves. Family Entertainment is not only a crowd-pleaser, but also enhances the customer experience, increases dwell time, boosts footfall, grows sales, and creates a sense of community by providing unique and memorable experiences.

Creating an Enhanced Customer Experience

Integrating Live Entertainment into retail strategy is a fantastic way of improving the overall customer experience. An enhanced customer experience is built upon developing exciting experiences that attract and retain visitors. As well as providing desirable prices, promotions, and diverse products, modern customers seek engaging experiences for their families. The opportunity for visitors to engage with retail spaces draws in new customers and builds a sense of loyalty for returning shoppers, often through word-of-mouth referrals.

Collaborating with retailers – shops selling related products, decorating window displays, etc – is a powerful method to drive sales and create an immersive customer experience. Even Public Events can have a positive impact on local businesses with shop tie-ins. These bring shopping districts to life with a shared theme. Events such as Dino Days generate significant footfall and create huge interest, benefiting local retailers, especially those participating in the excitement!

Increasing Footfall and Dwell Time

Increased footfall and dwell time lead to higher sales volumes due to the additional time customers spend browsing and purchasing. For example, our family-focused Easter Entertainment at a client’s outlet shopping complex featured an Easter Bunny Mascot, Gardening Workshops, Beatrix Potter-inspired Characters, and an Easter Egg Hunt. This event resulted in an 8.6% increase in footfall and sales compared to 2019, with the most popular day seeing a 13% increase in footfall and a 15.1% increase in sales.

Easter Entertainment Family Entertainment Retail

Seasonal events encourage repeat visits throughout the year, increasing customer base and reputation for fantastic family fun! This is particularly evident during school holidays and around seasonal celebrations. These times are ideal for integrating entertainment into retail promotional strategy to attract and retain customers. This includes: Seasonally Themed Workshops, Installations, Themed Trails, Interactive Entertainment, and more!

Creating Shareable Experiences

Themed Trails are excellent for drawing customers around your retail space. They provide a fantastic opportunity for visitors to create shareable content for social media exposure. Recently, we worked with a client on a large-scale Themed Trail Installation. This resulted in record-breaking footfall figures of 509,000 visitors – up 200,000 year-on-year. The event had an economic impact of £3.35m.

Family Entertainment Dinosaur Trail

Our highly versatile Themed Trails consist of high-quality 3D Props – doubling as Photo Opportunities! – strategically placed throughout your retail space in key target areas. Popular Trail themes include space, dinosaurs, easter egg hunt, Halloween, under the sea, safari, Christmas, spring, and many more!

Distinguishing from Competitors

Providing exceptional family entertainment sets a retail space apart from its competitors. A safe and positive atmosphere reassures families that the retail space offers secure activities, making it the preferred destination for parents and their children.

Integrating live entertainment into retail strategy not only enhances the shopping experience but also drives sales and growth by increasing footfall, dwell time, and customer loyalty.