Easter Entertainment at Affinity Staffordshire

In April 2022, during Easter half term, Big Foot Events had the pleasure of providing an Easter entertainment programme for our client.

The Brief

Affinity Staffordshire wanted to create a fun Easter atmosphere for families during half term. They aimed to encourage repeat footfall throughout half term with a range of Easter entertainment. With our help, egg-citing ideas, and range of Easter themed activities, Affinity Staffordshire wanted to create a cracking half term events programme!

The Challenges

One of the main challenges we faced was the needs of the outlet shopping complex’s tenants. We needed to be cautious of shop visibility and accessibility. When decorating the area and locating our Easter entertainment, we needed to ensure we did not block access or restrict shop visuals. Our events programme needed to accommodate all ages and cater to a range of families. The activities needed to be fun, interactive, and accessible to all. One of our fantastic Easter activities involved having live animals indoors, so we needed to ensure the animals were cared for and protected, and intervals were arranged for their well-being.

The Solutions

To encourage repeat footfall and generate the most revenue, we needed to design a varied Easter entertainment programme. We chose to run a varied week of activities to encourage visitors to return for new activities. Included in our event package was customisable entertainment to cater to a range of ages. We considered the needs of the surrounding outlets and asked for their input during our programme design. Our performers helped promote the nearby shops.

The Results

We designed an egg-ceptional Easter entertainment programme for Affinity Staffordshire! We delivered a varied events programme during half term.

On Monday, 11th April, shoppers were able to Meet and Greet Beatrix Potter inspired characters: Mr Rabbit, Puddle Duck, and Miss Potter. On Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th, visitors could interact with Easter animals at our Mini Farm installation. For the last day, Thursday 14th, shoppers were invited to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt with our very own Easter Bunny!

We also offered a Pot Your Own Plant workshop; children learnt fun facts about gardening and walked with their very own seed ready to watch it grow at home.


‘The Easter event was absolutely fantastic. Families loved it and even people who were passing commented on how great it was for the kids. The team were brilliant, and the Easter Bunny was sooo cute! Footfall and sales over the four days were up by 8.6% v. 2019, which is terrific! Our most popular day was Wednesday, which saw a 13% increase in footfall and 15.1% increase on sales v. 2019’ – Affinity Staffordshire

‘Another wonderful event from Affinity. Other venues should really take note. My little boy loved meeting the Easter Bunny. Thank you for making such a lovely effort!’ – Karen B