Planning Event Guide to a 1980's Themed Event

1980's Themed Event

Put on your leg warmers, lace gloves & eye-liner and enjoy the eighties once more with our 1980's themed entertainment and decor. Dance the night away to the sounds of Madonna, Wham, Human League, Adam Ant, Kajagoogoo, Boy George and Ultravox! This is the Eighties at its best!


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    With a fantastic range of props, entertainment and venue décor, we’ve got everything you need for the ultimate 1980’s themed event.

    It’s time to re-live the eighties with its bold fashion and big hair. So dig out the leg warmers, stock up on hair spray and enjoy the ultimate 80’s party.

    Live Music
    The eighties was a decade of statement, with Frankie telling us to “Relax” and George Michael’s instruction to “Choose Life”. As Adam Ant taught everyone to dance like Prince Charming, Madonna unleashed Vogue on the World. We can provide the best 80’s bands, tributes and productions to bring all of those memories flooding back!

    Venue Decor
    Surround your guests with black velvet, neon shapes and iconic 80’s props for an unmistakable 1980’s vibe! With Rubiks Cube props, a giant 80’s mobile phone, Pac Man & Space Invader boards plus giant Walkman props and sheer draping, you can transport your guests right back to the 1980’s.

    Star Names
    Hire legendary recording artists from the 80’s such as Go West, Limahl, The Human League, Howard Jones, Sonia, Bucks Fizz, T’Pau and Jason Donovan to perform their chart topping hits. We guarantee your guests will be impressed, and most important of all, loving life dancing the night away.

    Finishing Touches
    Provide your guests with retro 80’s games to play and classic 1980’s characters for meet & greet and photo opportunities. We know that our fabulous entertainers will help add that extra WOW moment to any 1980s Themed Event!


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