1940s & World War II Themed Event

How To Throw A 1940s & World War II Themed Event.

Iconic Singalongs, Glamorous Fashion and lots of history!

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    Iconic singalongs, glamorous fashion and a huge amount of history! Hire 1940s & World War II Themed Event packages for historical anniversaries or when looking for an instantly recognisable theme.

    See the following ideas for holding the perfect 1940s themed event below.


    Nostalgic costumes and classic wartime songs will have everyone singing along in true Blitz fashion. With wonderful tributes to Vera Lynn and the Andrews Sisters, costumed vocalists and big band classics, as well as authentic meet & greet characters, you’ll have entertainment that would make Churchill proud! Add some suspense to your schedule with a World War II themed stunt show or some comedy with a hilarious Dad’s Army themed production.

    Venue Decor

    Create the perfect wartime bunker or V.E. Day celebration with our 40s and Wartime themed props. With colourful bunting, Union Jacks and vintage style furniture for a classic Street Party look, or Army Barrack settings with sand bags, green and beige colour schemes and iconic War Time posters.

    Meet & Greet

    Have some of the memorable 1940s greatest figures at your event! Create a wartime feel with Winston Churchill or add some fun and laughter with Laurel & Hardy. Bring in comedy Dad’s Army style characters to break the ice, and glamourous 40s look hostesses to assist with your drinks reception and event.

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