Hire Jurassic Park Gates for your Dinosaur Themed Event

Jurassic Park Gates

Have your guests walk through the iconic Jurassic Park Gates for your Prehistoric Dinosaur Themed Event or Dino Day! Perfect for Shopping Centres, Arcades and Themed Events, our Jurassic Park Gates will spark a thrill of delight!


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    What better way to start your Dinosaur Event than having your guests enter through the iconic Jurassic Park Gates!

    The Jurassic Park Gates immediately spark the thrill of the blockbuster movies: Jurassic Park, Jurassic World and The Lost World. Now you can have your own Jurassic Park entrance with these impressive detailed Gates, perfect for Dino Days and Themed Events.

    We have Jurassic Gates in different sizes:

    12ft Tall x 9ft Wide Jurassic Park Gates
    12ft Tall x 9ft Wide Jurassic Earth Gates
    9ft Tall x 9ft Wide Jurassic Park Gates

    Our Jurassic Park Gates are adaptable; they can be signed with ‘Jurassic Park’ or our unique ‘Jurassic Earth’. If you prefer to be completely unbranded, the sign is removable and the Pillars can be spaced further apart for a wider entrance, if required.

    These gates are perfect for Shopping Centres, Arcades, Railway Stations and Museums hosting a Dinosaur Themed Event, as well as Holiday Parks, Birthday Parties, Corporate and Private Events.

    They can be used indoor and outdoor, depending on requirements, and we can dress the gates with a multitude of Props, Animatronic T Rex, Jungle Palms, Gyrosphere and as many life-size Dinosaurs as required!

    At Big Foot Events we pride ourselves on offering a creative solution to transforming your event. We offer a comprehensive management service from live entertainment, decor, table dressing, prop hire and design. To discuss your requirements, please call us on 01253 351100.

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