Exotic Animal Encounters!

Animal Roadshow

This interactive Exotic Animal Encounters is perfect for Birthday Parties, Fetes, Fairs, Clubs and School Workshops. The roadshow will bring along a variety of different animals to keep your guests entertained.


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    Want to add some excitement into your day? Book this amazing Animal Roadshow. It caters for:

    Birthday Parties – You can have the animals of your choice at your own birthday party! How cool! Everyone at your party will be able to hold your selected animals, but YOU get to feed the animals in front of your friends. The roadshow can accommodate for any occasion and make it special and personal to you.

    School Workshop – It also offers an amazing School workshop, where not only do you learn, you can also have a lot of fun with the animals that are brought. With the knowledge that gets provided, this opportunity is once in a life time. Any animal can be brought upon request and the roadshow tailored to your needs.

    Fetes, Fairs and Clubs – Have the BEST stall at your school or organisation. The roadshow will bring along a variety of different animals to keep your guests entertained. Your guests can take pictures with the animals for a small charge (all the money goes to a cause of your choosing). Make your event one that won’t be forgotten.


    Teasel the Owl
    Teasel is the largest owl species in the world. He is also no stranger to the camera as has starred in photo-shoots, TV programmes and also music videos. Teasel is very popular with the ‘Nocturnal Animals Workshop’ that tours around the schools each year.

    Disa The Meercat
    Disa is the matriarch of the gang and absolutely loves to help teach everyone about Meercats in the wild and how keeping them in captivity is difficult. Jengo, her partner also helps her out by showing everyone what can happen if Meercats are kept incorrectly.

    Chester the Skunk
    Chester is very friendly Skunk and is known as the ‘loveable rogue’ of the group. Chester is very greedy and loves his food, he even asks for thirds! When he’s tired, he will curl up on your lap and snore away!

    Stitch the Burmese Python
    Measuring over 14 feet in length and weighing almost 40 kilos Stitch is actually a very gentle giant. Stitch is far from a symbol of fear and is loved by everyone who meets her. Although she is amongst the four largest snakes in the world, she is remarkably gentle.

    Tina the Tarantula
    Tina is a Mexican red knee Tarantula and is the most famous of species. Tina has helped a lot of people cure their arachnophobia and she is the most amazing and underrated animal on this planet. When you get a visit, you will then know why!

    Milligan the Pygmy Hedgehog
    African Pygmy hedgehogs are fun and are very sociable. Milligan has so many friends around the country as everyone who has met her has instantly fallen in love. She may be prickly, but she is very soft and will be the most welcomed visitor to your events.

    Gina and Yoshi the Iguanas
    Both Gina and Yoshi are very friendly and mainly love to climb on your head and absolutely love it when you tickle them under their chin.

    Bruce the Bosc Monitor
    Bruce is another one of the famous roadshow animals and is full of personality. He’s been travelling most of his life and is a real favourite with the staff especially. He loves human company and will regularly climb onto someones knee to chill out, after he’s had a good look around.

    Leo the Chameleon
    Chameleons are a true marvel to this world, they’re so beautiful yet so fragile. It is so mesmerising watching them change colour.

    Spencer the Crocodile
    Spencer is one of the smallest Crocodile species in the world, yet he is an incredible animal. He has also been in a lot of film and TV sets but he continues to ‘WOW’ people all over the Country.

    Cherry the Fox
    Cherry was an orphaned Fox and has been brought up with the road show since she was two weeks old. She is definitely one of the very popular animals and loves to play and go on walks with the dogs.

    Sooty the Tanuki
    These animals are extraordinary little characters but are not often seen and are very difficult to keep. They grow to the size of a small dog and are very high maintenance animals. They absolutely love the attention but are easily bored.

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