Educational Entertainment Ideas for Back to School!

It’s back to school this week! But that doesn’t mean the summer holiday fun has to end. Strike a balance between school and cool with our exciting and educational entertainment options this September! Educational entertainment is a great way to engage your young guests in learning while keeping them thoroughly entertained. Foster a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.

Prepare for a lesson in educational entertainment from the team at Big Foot Events!


Our planet is wild, wonderful, and incredible. From animals to plant life, we have activities to captivate audiences of all ages and create a hands-on learning experience with our biology-based entertainment.

Your guests can learn about botany, ecology, and sustainability while growing their own produce at our Gardening Club and gardening-based Workshops. Participating children will learn fun facts about plants and gain new gardening skills. They will leave the Workshop with their very own seedling, ready to watch it grow at home.

Go wild with our incredible animal walkabout acts. These fascinating performers offer close-up encounters with our planet’s wildlife and educate children on how to protect their environments. Our remarkable performers include Borneo Again, the Whale, and Zelva the Giant Tortoise. Or, for a truly hands-on experience, our expert Animal Roadshow keepers will guide your guests in handling reptiles, small mammals, insects, and birds, while providing valuable insights into their natural habitats.


Our space-themed educational entertainment is out of this world!

Inside our immersive planetarium dome and VR experience, the audience will embark on an incredible journey through space. They can explore the vast expanse of space from your venue. This mobile planetarium provides a 360-degree cinematic experience, enabling the audience to engage with science in a fun and interactive way!

For young space enthusiasts, we provide astronaut food tasting, hands-on meteorite handling, and engaging science quizzes to ignite their curiosity and knowledge. And don’t miss the opportunity for your guests to command mini remote-control Mars Rovers across a micro-Mars landscape.

For larger venues, lead your guests on an intergalactic adventure through our Space Trail featuring high-quality space and alien-themed props. It’s a cosmic voyage like no other!


Our Mobile Cave is an incredible way of bringing geography to life! Your guests can experience caving in a controlled and safe environment. This indoor adventure contains twists, turns, stalagmites and stalactites, fossils, with sound effects and lighting. It is educational, inspirational, and exciting.


When we say learning history, we mean the Mesozoic era! Step into a prehistoric world with our dinosaur-themed educational entertainment.

Our Fossil Workshops offer a fascinating insight into the past, featuring genuine and replica dinosaur fossils. Guests can also participate in a hands-on Dinosaur Dig Site experience. They can unleash their inner palaeontologist and unearth prehistoric fossils.

Bring history to life in a BIG way with the thrill of our walking dinosaurs! Our aim is to encourage discovery, inspire creative writing, and create awareness of prehistoric life by making learning fun and entertaining! Guests can encounter a mesmerizing array of dinosaurs, spanning various breeds and sizes, all brought to life through captivating performances. Meet our huge T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Raptor, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Carnotaurus, and adorable Baby Dinosaurs! Our team of expert Dinosaur Rangers will fascinate with fascinating tales about their prehistoric companions.

For those looking to take their dino knowledge to the next level, our Ranger Training Camp offers the opportunity to qualify as a ranger yourself. Or, visit Dr Bones in her hatchery to gain insights into the delicate art of caring for newborn dinosaurs.

And prepare to step back in time within our immersive Dinosaur Dome, where the prehistoric world comes alive before your eyes.

educational entertainment


Step beyond the bookshelf and enter the realms of your cherished stories! Immerse yourself in the magical world of your favourite fictional characters with our educational meet-and-greet opportunities, engaging activities, and inspiring workshops.

Our entertainment collection includes props, characters, and creatures from both timeless classics and contemporary favourites. You can even try your hand at crafting your own short story or pay a visit to your beloved characters for an enthralling story time session.

Host an enchanting children’s story time in The Shed of Stories or with our interactive character actors. Get creative with our craft-and-go workshops, where you can design your very own crowns fit for royalty. Embark on adventures with pirates and mermaids, sing along with princesses, and enjoy captivating puppet shows or pantomimes. It’s a world of imagination brought to life!

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