Diamond of the Season: Host a Regency and Bridgerton Themed Event

Dearest gentle reader, with the release of the first part of the third season of Bridgerton on May 16th, there’s no better time to host a Regency Era or Bridgerton Themed Event. Celebrate the sophistication and elegance of the era and invite your guests to a lavish Bridgerton Party!

A Royal Arrival

Provide your guests with the royal treatment from their arrival at your Bridgerton Themed Event. Our Royal Footmen will great your guests and make them feel special. They are available in a range of costumes and will perfectly suit your event.

Interactive Entertainment and Activities

Our Character Performers and Lookalikes will roam around your event, providing charming interactions and immersing your guests in the world of Bridgerton. Consider hiring our talented Dancers to host classes, teaching your guests how to master the elegance of the Waltz or Quadrille. Add some fun and competition to your Regency Bridgerton Party with classic Lawn Games such as croquet. For a truly memorable experience, offer Horse and Carriage Rides – or avoid any mess and create a Horse and Carriage Photo Opportunity with our high-quality Props!

Bridgerton Themed Event

Dress to Impress

Invite your guests to compete for the title of ‘Diamond of the season’ with a Regency dress code. Think empire waistlines, gloves, and tiaras for the ladies; cravats, tailcoats, and breeches for the gentlemen.

Musical Elegance

A live String Quartet such as Strelitzia String Quartet is the perfect musical accompaniment for your event. They will perform a mixture of songs from the show or classic pieces from the Regency Era to ensure your guests waltz the night away. An Electric String Quartet such as Siren String Quartet will add a modern fusion to your event. They perfectly complement Bridgerton’s classic takes on contemporary hits such as ‘Wildest Dreams’, ‘Give Me Everything’, and ‘thank u, next’.

Opulent Venue Theming

For your event, only the most elegant Venue Theming will do! Indulge in rich fabrics in creams, pinks, and purples for opulent interior décor. Twinkling lights and warm glowing candles will illuminate your Bridgerton Party, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. Our Bird Cage Photo Opportunity, adorned with beautiful wisteria, will create wonderful memories for your events – and stunning social media content!

Masquerade Magic

Add an air of mystery and mystique by turning your Bridgerton Themed Event into a Masquerade Ball! Our Living Statues and Stilt Walkers will be concealed behind elegant masks dressed in their finest Regency Era costumes. They provide the perfect touch of majesty and grandeur.

Bridgerton Themed Event
Get in touch with Big Foot Events today to create a unforgettable Bridgerton experience. We will transport your guests to the Regency Era, filled with elegance, charm, and sophistication.