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Space Dome

Space Dome is designed to allow children to explore science, astronomy, geology and geography in a fun interactive way! This blacked out 360 cinematic experience provides a fully digital mobile planetarium that can be set up and used anywhere! Hire Space Dome with Space Workshop & Activities for Themed Days - ideal for Shopping Centres, Schools and Fun Days!


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    This blacked-out 360-degree Space Dome provides a fully digital mobile planetarium that can be set up and used anywhere!

    Perfect for shopping centres, schools, scout groups, or Space themed events.

    Our Space Dome can cater to small and large events as we have various sized Space Domes and inflatable planetariums available to hire. Choose from a 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m Dome.

    You can also hire solid structured GeoDomes that can be branded to your company or themed event.

    The Dome is the most advanced digital dome in the country, providing a unique interactive way to learn. Including fantastic features such as a solar system show, science picture, videos, multimedia equipment, and high quality lenses that provide a spectacular visual show.

    Space Themed Events and Activities:

    • Hire an inflatable Space Dome with regular projection shows throughout the day
    • Incorporate a Virtual Reality Zone including 20 VR Headsets, soft flooring, and beanbags
    • Book an Augmented Reality area with Tablets
    • Workshop with Game Cards and Activities
    • Meteorite Handling Activity
    • Ice-Cream Space Food giveaway Activity
    • Space Suit Dress Up Activity
    • Space Related Props
    • Space Themed Worksheets and Certificates
    • Includes Event Staff

    This incredible Space Package is perfect for Shopping Centre Entertainment and Activities, Themed Events, Schools and Fun Days.

    The Space Dome has a number of different educational experiences to offer:

    Dinosaur at Dusk

    Dinosaur at Dusk is a full dome 3D film where guests can travel back in time to meet the flying pterosaurs. Experience the thrill of paragliding, run with the T Rex’s and feel what it’s like to sour like a falcon!

    Natural Selection

    Natural Selection takes you back in time to learn about adaption and evolution. Including information about a variety of different animals, Science Dome takes you on an educational journey through the animal kingdom!

    Super Volcano

    Super Volcano gives you a real life experience of the largest volcano eruption the earth has ever known. Science Dome brings you to the Island of Sumatra over 74,000 years ago to look back at how and why the eruption happened.

    The Dynamic Earth

    Our Dynamic Earth experience explores the inner workings of the Earth’s climate system, with a high quality 360-degree display the dynamic earth stunningly exhibits concepts such as the Earth and Sun, Life and the Carbon Cycle, Plate Tectonics, Comparison with Venus and Climate Change.

    To see more of our brilliant inflatable options follow the link here.

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