Pass the Positivity with a Living Wall

In February 2024, Big Foot Events were delighted to collaborate with our client to create an installation dedicated to spreading positivity at their shopping centre.

The Brief

Our client approached us looking to create an interactive installation to represent togetherness and positivity, aligning with the period between Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Our goal was to foster the sharing of good energy and positive vibes!

The Challenges

Working within a constrained budget, one of the challenges we faced was to design an impactful installation without exceeding financial limits. Additionally, we faced a tight timeline, having only a week to conceptualise and bring our idea to life at the shopping centre. The need for a strong concept that fit the brief was crucial, but we approached the task with confidence in delivering the perfect solution for our client based on their goals.

In addition, inclusivity was a paramount consideration, given our client’s multicultural customer base. The installation had to resonate with individuals of all ages, religions, and communities. Our objective was to provide entertainment that transcended religious celebrations, ensuring broad appeal and engagement.

The Solutions

Due to the timeframe, our primary focus was on developing an acute understanding of our client and their vision. We needed to deliver an entertainment solution that was both impactful and budget-friendly within the time constraints.

A Living Wall stood out as a cost-effective and visually compelling installation, embodying the message of spreading positivity. Importantly, it avoids any reference to religious or other celebrations, creating a universally inclusive environment. This intentional approach ensured that individuals of all backgrounds were welcomed to participate. This promoted a celebration of togetherness free from cultural barriers.

The Result

Living Wall

We created a beautiful, interactive Living Wall installation with the purpose of spreading positivity. The Living Wall is decorated with an elegant flower arch and vibrant paper balloons to symbolise freedom. The balloons add a burst of colour and also carry messages of support, positivity, and good vibes. They are designed to ‘uplift’ others. Shoppers are actively encouraged to take and contribute these messages, writing on supplied tags to attach to the balloons. This interactive element transforms the Living Wall into a collaborative effort, creating connection, unity, and shared positivity.